September 19, 2008

It is Friday!!! WhooHoo!!!

First, let me say thank you for praying for our great state as Ike was breathing down our necks! Here, 250 miles inland, we ended up being on the west side of the storm as it blew through our area...that is the nicer side! We had this really cool soft rain coming down, pretty muchly off and on for a while then for about 3 hrs straight in the afternoon. Some wind, but not even enough to blow over my patio chairs. And we woke up to bright sunshine on Sunday morn, or should I say "Son"shine? We needed the rain, and a chance to stay indoors was pretty nice since it came in on Saturday.
I know the destruction in Galveston is really bad, and many other areas down that way. We stayed at the Flagship on our honeymoon and saw where the east side of the bldg took quite a hit...that was the side our room was on so everytime the news footage came on, we made the girls watch...they were tired of our memories by the time it ended! Also on our honeymoon, we took a ferry to Port Bolivar and that is where so many people had to be rescued from and so many houses were destroyed. It was quite a storm and thankfully with all of our technology, they can send out warnings early enough that anybody that wants to move inland has plenty of time to do it.
I asked hubs if he wanted to make the trip back down there for our 20th... in 3 short months. For some reason, he turned me down...some excuse about how big of a mess the area would still be in! Imagine that! (tongue in cheek, of course!!!)

I have a friend that needs some prayers at this time. If you look to the right you will see Makenna and Makenna's family listed. If you can, please take time to read one or both of those and if not, please lift up this family in prayer...especially the Mom.

Well, I finally jumped on the Beth Moore bandwagon...I had nothing against her, just had never had the opportunity to do a study, until now. Our church women's group is doing The Patriarchs and we just started last month and I am already loving it! She just has an awesome, God-given way of encouraging you to search deeper in scripture and find the Truth of the Gospel!!!

Several of y'all have posted comments or contacted me by e-mail about the blog and y'all have given me so much encouragement! I appreciate it so much! This journey that God has placed in front of us is meant to be shared with family and good friends and I pray I can be worthy of many good friends to journey with! I am so blessed by God to have my wonderful hubs and precious children along for the ride, as well.

My niece is in her senior year, studying journalism at Baylor University and I would hate for her to critique any of my blog posts! I know they lack so many punctuation, capital letters and that I add way too many exclamation points and .....! But I am having fun here!

I should probably close for now...somehow, the clean clothes just thrown in the basket are calling my name! The new to me Elfa shelving system is telling me in no uncertain terms that it is ready to move into it's permanent home, the pantry. Most of all, the floors are letting me know they are tired of suffocating under the dog do they shed so quickly???

Y'all have a terrific weekend!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.....

God's girl, Pamela

September 12, 2008

There's an Ike comin'

Our dear friend, Casey, asked an interesting question when she moved to the area a couple of weeks ago and my answer was truthful...She asked if we were in the path of a hurricane very often - and my answer was not very often! Yet, here we are twice within the first month of Casey living in Texas under the gun of a hurricane!!!

I have lived in this area about 20 yrs of my life and have only been really affected by a hurricane about 8 times. Rita was the last one and we didn't get much rain from that one, just really heavy winds for a few hours...and the allergies that blew up from Southeast Texas!!! Generally, in order for us to feel the effects of a hurricane, it has to hit Galveston or Houston dead on...and guess where Ike is headed!!! We did get some rain and wind from Gustav recently, and for a few days, cooler weather. I am looking forward to the cooler temps Ike is bringing, week they are expecting the highs to only be in the 80's! Whoo, Hoo!!! I might even have to wear a jacket to get the girls to school....only 70 degrees in the morn???

I know that God directs the weather and it has been really cool to 'watch' the hurricane on the satellite views. I was mesmerized to watch as Ike came off of Cuba and strengthened could see the eye start to reform as it moved out into open waters. The Psalmist tells us that the earth is the Lord's and everything in it, and that includes the oceans, winds, the whole enchilada. I would not want to live along the coast and have to move out of the path every so often, but it is cool to watch from my far inland living room as the storm moves and grows!

On a different note, we are going to our first football game of the season tonight! And Bunny will get to march! So, I've already taken my allergy pill, plan to take a nap later on...'cause those little white pills just put me out!...and then pack up my spirit to root for Bunny's team for the first time! Of course, DD1 plans to wear one of her high school shirts, since they are rivals! Oh, the joy of teenagers!!!

Well, that is all for today...I pray your Friday and your weekend are blessed beyond your imagination!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...

God's girl, Pamela

September 4, 2008

September means....

We are back into the school routine..and already had a day off!!! This was our first Labor Day parade as a family, Bunny's band marched and played. It was still hot outside but fun, nonetheless. Of course, a Monday off only means Tuesday is really difficult! I'm still not on a real body is thinking it is Wednesday!!!

Friday nights are for football!!! We didn't make it to last weeks game, it was 2 1/2hrs away and due to Bunny's foot injury she didn't march. DD1 has church friends that played each other in last Friday's game so she went to see that rivalry. Ya know what that means...we had a Friday evening to ourselves!!! We acted like 'normal' people and went to see a movie!!! We saw Hancock and I was not impressed! It was okay up until the plot twist, then they just lost my interest! Thankfully, it was at the cheap theater! It was fun, though, to be together, just the two of us!

Cooler mornings! Although a bit early this year thanks to Gustav! I will take it...we slept with the window open last night! I have the living room windows open right now! I know this afternoon, the air will come back on but I'm going to enjoy the cooler weather while I can!

This is for my Mom: I have a bit of sad news...Miss Persnickety is dead. We kept trying to revive her in her window, then hubs sat her out in the front and she has now fully wilted away.
For those of you wondering...Miss Persnickety was my first impatien plant. She was beautiful and showy but really picky about where she sat, how much water she got and who she liked! She lived with us for more than five years...I was amazed at that! I am not a green thumb...that would be my Momma, but the more Miss Persnickety grew, the more I desired to care for her. She was a gift from one of my students during a Teacher Appreciation week and sat in a pot that her class gave me.
I will miss her pink petals but I am pleased by the fact that she became such a part of our family...we all talked to her when we passed by the table! She is a reminder that God loves us all..even those of us that are persnickety!

Well, that is all I have for now..nothing earth shattering - thankfully! I pray y'all have a blessed day and are looking forward to the weekend ahead!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...

God's girl, Pamela