February 5, 2015

Empty nesting......

So since the end of the rush of Christmas in the retail world, I've had some days off. While it is nice to catch my breath, it's given this empty-nester too much time to think.....I think!
Yes, we have a very empty nest!! Don't get me wrong, it's really quite nice. Most of the time, I can now fully focus on my precious man - and that's an awesome perk!! However, sometimes, I miss my babies. Not the young ladies they have become - I love being friends with them - but rather those 'simple' years of being a Momma and her babies! (we all know they aren't exactly simple!)
I know....one night with a sleepless baby and I would be over that!!! Twenty-four hours alone with a toddler and a pre-schooler, I would be in tears!! So, I will continue to enjoy my empty nest, thankful for so many memories, some good, some not so good.
However, last night as I was crawling into bed, thankful that I was going to get to sleep in a few minutes because I'm off today, I started thinking about my babies, and how they used to wake me up. Many Moms will relate to this.......
The sweet little newborn woke me up with cries of hunger or discomfort....a bit of a jolt out of some really deep sleeps!!
The precious infant woke me up with coo's, talking to the pictures on her bumper pad or her mobile....such sweet sounds!
The toddler....oh, the toddler, that usually woke me up with jolting screams of MOMMY!! I never really thought I would miss that. Now, if I could just hear it one more time......
Do you feel me??
The pre-schooler......my absolute, favorite stage of childhood......oh, how I miss those mornings. My girls would come into my room, a bit shy, or so it seemed. They would come to stand right beside me and in a soft voice I would hear, "Mommy, are you awake?"
Now it is me, sending the youngest a text to say Good Morning. Now, my morning noises are the shower running, the dogs barking to go outside, the coffee pot telling me my elixir is ready. It's very different. Not bad, just different!!
Thank you, Lord for such special memories that I can hold onto. Thank you for my very precious baby girls, and the beautiful young ladies they are now.....I'm a hugely blessed Mom!!!
God's girl, only because of His grace,