August 30, 2008

Common to man

Ecclesiastes 9:1-3
1 So I reflected on all this and concluded that the righteous and the wise and what they do are in God's hands, but no man knows whether love or hate awaits him. 2 All share a common destiny--the righteous and the wicked, the good and the bad, the clean and the unclean, those who offer sacrifices and those who do not. As it is with the good man, so with the sinner; as it is with those who take oaths, so with those who are afraid to take them. 3 This is the evil in everything that happens under the sun: The same destiny overtakes all.

My Sis and I were talking recently about a trait that I have...and it is not a very good one! The trait is that someone can tell me an issue or a problem they are going through, and I have a tendency to say, "Oh, I understand...this is what I'm going through, or have been through." How selfish of me!!!

The verse above tells it like it is; we all have problems and issues!!! They are common to ALL men! I am reminded of a conversation that took place several years ago between a good friend and myself that points out this same truth, only how God is involved in our lives is no different! My friend was being treated for throat cancer, while being a wife, a Mom to a sweet 5 yr old boy, and a business owner. I mentioned my fear of needles, and drs!, and that I would never be able to walk through something similar with the grace and poise that I saw in her! This same friend knows the issues in our home and said how funny that I felt that way, because she had recently told God she could never handle the things I was going through.

What are you going through that others cannot see themselves doing? Are you a spouse to an addict? Mother of a strong-willed teen? Friend of a broken marriage? Mom of a handicapped child? Mom of a shunned child? Do you have a physical ailment that limits you in any way? Are you disabled? Is your marriage breaking at the seams?

Could you possibly handle issues that others are facing? Could you be the Mom of the strong-willed teen? Could you handle being the spouse of an addict? Could you be the Mom of a handicapped child? Could you be disabled? Could you face singlehood after decades of marriage?

Being the big sister of a handicapped man, my perspective changed as I grew into adulthood and began to know people outside of my parents circle. I learned that we all have a looks different for everyone, though! As humans, we really are alike, usually in more ways than we desire to admit!
I know when we have very little, I tend to look at others and feel they don't understand! But I also know that we all go through times when things are tight!
I know when I am sick, I feel like no one can possibly know the pain and agony I am in. However, everyone gets a headache or the flu!(amongst other things!!!)

How arrogant do I appear when I feel I am alone? Oh, how my ego suffers when I really consider that I don't have it all that bad! When I realize I could not handle the pressure of being a Mom to a handicapped child, or a person with a debilitating disease! I will stay where I'm at, knowing that God's grace has not given me more than I can bear! Knowing that I can do all things through Christ who is my strength!

I will be honest, this is not an easy, nor fun, post to write. I just feel so strongly that I need to share because I know arrogance is not that far off my radar! I would much rather tell you how fun the Friday night games were for my children...I'll do that one day next week. I would rather tell you how nice it was to have a date night with my sweet hubs...y'all can relate to that, though! But I feel compelled to put down my feelings, to be accountable and ask you to lift me up! I know I am not alone! I know God walks beside me!

I desire to become the daughter He wants me to be. When I do this, all other relationships fall into place! When I praise, all other worries melt away. When I give, I recieve so much more than I could have imagined! These are the promises I have been given - and I am not the only one!!!

Well, I think I'm through for now! If you are at a point that you need a shoulder to cry on, please don't hesitate to let me know! I promise I will try not to tell you how hard of a time I am having...and if I do, remind me to shutup and listen!!! Thank you for your soft shoulders!!! They are a Godsend!!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela

August 25, 2008

The last first and the first first!

Do you remember that feeling when you really studied your baby's face and wondered just what they would be like as they grew older, or am I the only one that has done that? Well, I studied some faces today, one jumping with excitement to the point I could hardly focus on her beautiful face...the other still tired and looking a bit anxious amongst the beauty about how to fit this year into her future plans!

See, today is my oldest daughters last first day of high is also my youngest daughters first first day at her high school. And yes, they are going to different high schools! Today, I feel a bit old! When did this happen? When did they both grow up enough to be in high school? When did I stop being a Mom with young children?

Of course, if you measure in years, then the answers are easy. But I tend to measure from my heart, and it really doesn't seem possible!

Have I told you lately that God loves my girls!!! He delights in them as they dance before Him! He created them with an outward beauty that takes my breath away (I'm the Mom, I can say that!!!) and with an inward beauty that just shines brightly!!! He gave them very distinct personalities, very different from each other! When they were younger, they looked a lot a like but you could tell them apart by size, now they youngest is just as tall as her sister and their features have changed! Both girls are a perfect blend of my dear hubs and me!!! Just they each got different parts!

Now is not always an easy time, they are both teenagers, ya know! but it is an exciting time! God is moving in their lives as they make decisions only they can make...with God, of course! One is considering future plans; college, honor academy, what to major in, living arrangements. The other is friend focused, even though we question several of those 'friendships'! I do know after watching my niece and DD1 go through high school, that friendships are tested beyond belief! I am praying that God will guard Bunny's heart as she transitions to becoming a young lady!

In Psalm 34, David talks about 'tasting' the goodness of God..."O taste and see that the LORD is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!" That speaks volumes to my heart!!! The goodness of the Lord is never stale...He is always GOOD!!! I desire to be blessed by God and take refuge in Him! Have you tasted His goodness lately? Has He been good?

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela

August 21, 2008

Not much to say.../What are you reading?

Good afternoon! Not much is going on around here at the moment...we have had several inches of rain over the past few days but other than that, not much!

I am reading three books right now, and going through a Bible study workbook. I am reading Waking the Dead by John Eldredge, he is one of my favorite authors! I am also reading Sundays Across America; I believe the author is Shea. This is very interesting to me, learning how other faiths or denominations may serve the Lord on Sunday morn. It makes me question just how I would (or should) act if I knew someone was observing me for the purpose of anything other than simply attending church!
While I am waiting in the vehicle to pick up from one place or the other, I have just started reading Back Home Again; a fiction work by Melody Carlson. This is my fluff book at the moment, not so deep that it takes me three days to assimilate the latest point learned! In my quiet time, I am working through the Patriarchs by Beth Moore. Our women's group at church just started this one and it looks really interesting!

So, are you an avid reader like me? What types (or genre) of books do you enjoy? If you ask my family, I always have to be reading a book.

Thank you for reading today, even though it is a bit boring, I know! I hope and pray that your day is blessed and the weekend ahead!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...

God's girl, Pamela

August 15, 2008

Our time with Casey

I will always marvel at God's movement in our lives!

You may have noticed, perhaps even visited, the blog to the right called 'CaseyMay'. DD1 met Casey online two years ago, on a social site called Battlecry. We loved reading about her, and I added her to my list of friends as well. She was such a sweetheart and really had a heart for God.

When she started a blog, we began reading that...keeping up with what God is doing in her young life. She felt God call her to be a missionary and began to diligently seek God for a new direction in her life. She applied to the Honor Academy in Minnesota and began making plans to 'leave home' this month. Then, just a couple of months ago, she learned that the Minnesota campus was closing and if she still desired to be part of HA, she would need to come to the East Texas campus!

Now, we cannot say for sure, because we don't know the big picture just yet, but it seems that the Lord moved some hands for us to become friends two years ago for just such a time as this! We picked her up at the airport yesterday and took her to HA today. It was fun to help her get settled into her temp dorm room! On the way, we stopped by some friends home and had an awesome lunch and visit with their family! They live closer to the campus so Casey has friends, now, really close!

Getting to know her in person has been awesome. Her heart is so on fire for what God would have her to do! She is definitely a seeker and so in love with our Lord! We have had fun as a family. Bunny even spent time last evening chatting with her!

See, another blessing from the Lord! We never know how friendships will form, or when, or why! But God guides our steps...even into the heart of a friend!

God bless you, Miss CaseyMay! You are loved around here!!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela

August 12, 2008

Oh, please forgive me!!!

I do need to apologize because I have taken my eyes off of the Provider, a bit! I forgot to read the verse at the top...yes, Lord, my hope is in YOU!!!

Unfortunately, I have spoken out of the frustration that simply comes with life and I pray that you can forgive me! I know we all walk through these valleys...I am not alone because God is right beside me, above me, below me, surrounding me with HIS love and grace!

As DD1 and I have been able to spend time together, I am learning so much from her. We are watching lots of Olympics while Bunny is at summer band and doing lots of talking while DH is 'at work' in his upstairs office. It is kind of nice because not having Miss PD, I can give her my almost full attention!
Anyway, DD1 is truly a Christ follower...she has watched the lessons we have learned and found a way to learn them herself, even at an early age. Last night, we talked about surrender, being fully surrendered to our Lord. She knows this has been hard for us at times and last night she said watching us even falter, that when God asked her to surrender she knew from our example how to do it, but she also knew she did not want to go back to her old way of living!!!
WOW! Why could I not have been that type of 'child'? Um, because God knows our every need, even the future ones! I know that HIS hand is upon our child and that HE loves her so much more than I do! I know that the year ahead does not appear to be 'easy', what in life is?, but that God already has a path picked out just for her. I know that HE has an answer to the job question...not sure what the waiting is for but I know the answer is there!

I also know that Bunny really desires to follow Christ, but friendships that are 'skin on' make the supernatural so hard to see sometimes!(especially as a young teen!!!) I know that HE has a path for her to follow in the year ahead as well. It will not look like anything we have ever done, it will be uniquely for her and HE will be right beside her as she walks in HIS way! I know that HIS thoughts toward her are precious and unending...HE loves her even more than I do!

My precious Lord, I know my family, including the people, finances, job, hobbies, is in YOUR hands! I know you watch over us with an insanely intense love that I simply cannot fully know here on earth. I know that you have good things for us when we follow your commandments. That your promises are perfect, that YOU are holy and I praise you. Thank you for the life YOU have given us to live...the ability to raise two precious daughters in your nurture and admonition, the ability to minister to others by sharing YOUR light. Thank you for the very special love you have nurtured between hubs and I for these nearly twenty years! Thank you, Lord for YOUR daily provision!


God's girl, Pamlea

August 9, 2008

1968 - do you remember when???

Hubs and I were born in 1968, along with a good friend from high school and her husband, plus two of hubs cousins! So...we are having a 'get together' this afternoon to my house...which is not really clean enough, yet!!!

With that said, this should be a short post, since I do have things to do around the house! I would say we were almost there, just need to vacuum & mop but the other couples have toddlers and my house is nowhere near babyproof! Miss PD is too little right now for it to matter, thankfully!

Thank you so much for your encouragement the other day. I know God still has His hand on our family and that He IS our provider!

DD1 had an interview with the toy store yesterday! It is quite a drive there but I can see how she would just fit in perfectly at a toy store! At this point, it is in God's hands!

My girls stayed up and watched the Olympic opening ceremonies....I'm sure I will see them in front of the TV more in these next two weeks than I do the computer!!! They love the Olympics, but if ya ask my Momma, I do too. They always excite me, even though I am not an athlete! I love the Cinderella stories of how so many of the athletes got to their spot in the Olympics!
In 1984, I even made a scrapbook from newspaper favorite part was when Torville and Dean ice danced the Bolero! Thankfully now I can watch it any time on YouTube! In 1988, my parents won a trip to Calgary so we do have some Olympic souvenirs...pretty cool for this chick!!!

Okay, I am just rambling now so I will go! Y'all have a terrific Saturday and wonderful week ahead!

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela

August 6, 2008

God, could I please see the next page???

WOW!!! We know God is really working, but honestly I'm getting a bit weary and I probably need to ask for encouragement!!!

In June, dh's business lost 2/3 of his monthly hours at his largest contract! We have yet to make up the revenue from that...yes, Lord? As y'all know, I started keeping Miss PD, not to make money but because we love her momma, and now we love her, too! Through the situation of her life (Miss PD) we are supposed to be getting paid from an outside source, but the paperwork has never been filed so our friend is paying us all that she can at the moment-a little more than 1/3 the cost of daycare...yes, Lord? Then, yesterday, Miss PD's momma comes to pick her up and let me know there was a problem at work and her hours are cut back...yes, Lord? I'm going through the band notes this morn, Bunny started practice on Monday, only to find that we need to have money in hand NEXT WEEK for uniform...seriously, yes, LORD?

I know we have walked through similar trials and God has always provided. Our faith, right now, though is being so stretched! Y'all know that moment when the normal household bills are not getting paid on time, then something big is band uniforms??? I am really trying not to stress about this, easier said than done!!! I really was fine until I read those band notes today!

I am so thankful for Bunny's talent...she has played trumpet since 4th grade. I know God desires for her to use this talent so we will keep waiting on Him to provide!

Please understand, I am not asking for anyone's help...only God's!!! However, I really could use your prayers today, warriors! DH does not know about the band fees do you sugar coat that one???

I hope and pray that no one is offended by this post. I really desire to be real here...maybe even transparent? God is truly our portion...our Jehovah Jireh! He is our provider...of jobs, food, protection, security, family...the list goes forever!

I pray that your day will be blessed by our awesome God!!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela