November 27, 2008

Short and Sweet, I hope!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEKEND!!! Since I am posting this late and some of us have already had 3 rounds of family, fellowship and food, I'll just wish you a happy weekend! Yes, I said 3 rounds; my sister and her significant other and my precious niece last night, my MIL's side of the family and then my FIL's side of the family. My parents are in Tenn so a very special shout out to them - I love you, Mom, Daddy and my own personal sunshine!!!

Well, I did something fun yesterday! I went unannounced and met Makenna and oh, my goodness is she a sweetheart!! I felt bad enough going over unannounced - I know, HOW RUDE! - but then Miss PD was with us and she decided to scream the whole time we were trying to visit! Thank you, Gallagher family for putting up with us for a few minutes. Your hospitality is awesome!!!

I also wanted to let you know, if you have not been continuing to follow Melanie through CarePages that God is doing great things in her life! She has recently had the trach removed and went on a field trip! I know the family and those of us praying for her are very thankful for how far God has brought her in such a relatively short amount of time!

In answer to something that Angie at Bring the Rain challenged, I am going to say, "Thank you, Father God, for the financial struggle of the last several months. You have taught us in such a personal way that You are truly our Jehovah Jireh, our Provider and we have been blessed! Thank you, Lord for continuing to prove yourself faithful, even (and sometimes especially!) when we fail to be so. I love you, Lord!"

Okay, I said this would be short so I will close. Y'all are awesome and I pray that your weekend will continue to be blessed and full of thanksgiving!

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela

November 21, 2008

Random murmurings

So, Marianne has tagged me to do a 'me' blog. I am going to think for a while on that one but I promise I will get one up eventually! Marianne was DD1's 5th grade science and history teacher before she was a Mom! It was fun to read her post and get to 'know' her in a bit more detail. Y'all feel free to jump over and meet her, too. She is an awesome woman of faith and truly loves God with all she has!

I read an interesting post this morning on Rocks in my Dryer about the MotherLetter project. This sounds too neat to pass up. Not sure that my letter this year will be very encouraging for a young Mom with small children, but I do have some Mom wisdom to share! And yes, I will try to do my best to encourage!!!

Can you take a moment out of your busy days and write a letter as well? I am sure this Mom will be overwhelmed with emotion to receive such a precious gift from her man! I know I would be!!! And I know it's not my dear hubs 'cause we've never been to Africa! (you will have to read the history of the blog to see what that has to do with anything!)

I am more excited for Thanksgiving than I have been in a few years - we go pick up Casey on Wednesday and get to have her as our guest! I am so looking forward to that. I know it will be a noisy ride from East Texas to Oak Cliff but it will be so worth it! When we were taking her to school, I just about cricked my neck trying to be part of their conversation so this time, I think I might just have to sit in the back and let hubs drive alone! I love being around young ladies! They are so vibrant and beautiful and Casey and my DD1 share such a love for God that it is absolutely infectious!

Well, I think I have murmured enough! I pray that your holiday week will be blessed and that you will bless those around you....okay, so that prayer is for me! I am really spending time in prayer asking God to make me part of the solution and not the problem! Of course, it probably starts by closing my mouth more often!!!!

If you get a day to sleep in, don't feel guilty...JUST DO IT!!! I will hopefully find a day or two to do just that!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela

November 17, 2008

Pray for our Nation

I have a friend that I have known for years that has written some pretty concise explanations for why we should be in deep, intercessory prayer for our nation at this time. She is a lovely African American woman; she has raised four children as a single Mom, and they each serve the Lord in a tremendous capacity. Her youngest son even works on Wall Street! I have utmost respect for this lady. In some ways, she has been a spiritual mentor to me. I am thankful to still be able to keep in touch with her, even though we no longer attend the same church.

I pray that you will be blessed by this writing. For me, it puts a face on a vote...a voice. I know that God is calling each of us to stand and I pray that we will continue to lift up this great nation of ours into His hands!

From my friend, Dorothy:

In the wake of so many emails about how to pray and how to even encourage ourselves, I thought I would communicate clearly how I stand.

1. I am a Christian. I am a 62 year old African American, dark skinned woman born of parents who could trace their ancestry back to slavery. My great grandmother was “mulatto”. My father’s side also had obvious Indian blood. My mother’s features were very Negroid, with a large nose, nappy hair and a tendency to be overweight. My parents and siblings lived in Beaumont, Texas. A suburb of Beaumont is Vidor, Texas the home of an active KKK group. It is also very close to the Louisiana border.

2. The history that I listed in #1 IMPLIES several things. It implies that I have experienced both overt and covert bigotry. It means that I can tell story after story of people who have judged me on the basis of my color and not the content of my character or Christian faith. It implies that my own race has exhibited some prejudice because of my dark skin. Many from Beaumont were and are light skinned. The prejudice against dark skinned blacks can be brutal also. It implies that I listed my faith first for a reason. It drives me to forgive, even when memories flood my conscience mind of promotions lost, doors of opportunities shut, and my children hurt because of their African American heritage.

3. I am hurt by much of what I have seen come out of the church following the election of President elect Obama. And yes. I know of his history with abortion choice. I know of his history with the Fairness doctrine. I know of his election tactics. I know of the support from the homosexual community.


I charge God almighty with the results of this election. Either it is His will or we have been deceived.

We prayed. Many fasted. He said in His word that we could and should ask. He said that we should pray in agreement so we agreed. We knew the battle would be tough, so we fasted. We asked for forgiveness of everything that could possibly hinder the outcome. When we could not think of things we prayed in tongues to make sure we had the will of the Father.

But President Obama was elected.

At some point we have to ask why?

I believe that his election demonstrates our own weaknesses in ways we would have never known otherwise. The church is divided and crippled. We are blind and refuse to see. We accuse each other falsely and cover the deceit in our hearts with niceties and smiles. We are prejudiced and filled with hate that is covered up with religion. Instead of walking through the darkness and trusting in God to hold our hand, we grope for ways to open our own eyes and to make our own way. We truly are not God conscience in the wake of the election. The church is truly sick. We blame black people for the results of the election but cannot examine the election results methodically and objectively. President elect Obama would NOT have won even if every black person voted for him and ALL white, Hispanic or Indian voted for Senator McCain. President Elect Obama won because many young people of ALL races voted for him. Many first time voters voted for him. Many liberal whites voted for him. Many blacks, both conservative and liberal, voted for hm.

And I voted and worked very hard for Senator McCain.

But the church is not the Republican Party and the Republican Party is not the church. We all sought to hear what the Spirit of the Lord was telling us. But I believe it is possible to seek godly answers only to discover that God was more interested in our attitude AFTER He answers. We should have learned that over the last 8 years. Many stood silent while we in the Republican Party AND church let our country go in an ungodly direction under a Republican President. And I am not talking about the war or the war prisoners. We stood silent and did not apprise ourselves of the activities with abortions and homosexual marriage. We didn’t stain our own lives with the political dirtiness that was happening in the Republican Party. We let scandals erupt and the church did not pressure leaders to act differently. We had political capital that we did not use properly. And yes, there were a number of things that were happening with Democrats, but we had much more to lose. And we lost much. We’ve lost influence and power.

Those who have INFLUENCE should not be demonized. T.D. Jakes is not a demon if he believes in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and that He died, rose and is coming again. But He is not the church. He is part of the body of Christ which we would be better off honoring, respecting and trying to pray for and influence for the glory of God. Has anyone of influence shown Pastor Jakes pictures of babies in the womb, ultrasounds, etc? Perhaps even as a leader, he is ignorant of this issue. Perhaps others will arise who can influence President Obama. We must pray that God will send such Godly advisors.

We absolutely MUST pray that God would show us what is in our own heart FIRST and then and only then speak of the election. We must ask God how we can reach the generations for Christ. Many of our own households are rejecting our values and that is the greatest lesson from this election. As a result of the election, we may suffer. We may be persecuted. But I would gladly go through persecution WITH my children if I could somehow teach them of the reality of a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. With the saving knowledge of Jesus abortions would cease because there would not be the demand, (and it wouldn’t be because of legislation). Homosexuals would be convicted to make OTHER choices because the Lord Himself would be manifested in their lives. If they see Jesus truly demonstrated in me (AND us) then the greatest victory would have been achieved: the salvation of the generations. That is my prayer: that God would save our children and grandchildren of all races. If He does that, then my soul is comforted.

So, I pray most for the church. I will not pray that the election results be overturned. I will pray that God would lead this country and that the body of Christ will be strong, strong. Strong, strong is an Ibo term which implies that it is an over abundance of strength to meet the challenges ahead. We will need it.

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela

November 11, 2008

And the winner is....

4 Timestamp: 2008-11-12 03:04:38 UTC
Which is Rose from MI! I HAD to do the random generator because I wanted you all to win!!! I had a lot of fun giving these away and Rose, I hope you let everyone know if you like the notecards once they get to you!

My e-mail address is so send me your physical address and I will get them to you soon. Congratulations Rose!

And on another note, Miss PD is back!!! It's pretty sporadic right now as her Mom is deciding WHICH job to take!!! Isn't our God awesome! She was here yesterday and not really happy about it...she has only been here once since August so I really wasn't surprised! Then today she was happy and giggly and seemed so much more relaxed! The dogs are not happy! Our puppy stayed up on our far away from the baby as possible! DD1's puppy would stay in the living room with us but was not exactly thrilled. They were funny to watch this eve...they so wanted their 'spots' on the furniture, even when we were sitting there!

That is all I have for now. I really appreciate each of you - I have made some really cool friends doing this blog, that I would not know in 'real' life!

I pray that the rest of the week will be such a blessing for your life!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela

November 9, 2008

I'm giving away....

Homemade note cards! Blank so you can leave your own message.

This is definitely a hobby, I love to work with my hands and make a small piece of art that can touch someones heart...even more so with a personal note.

And, I feel like sharing.

I'm giving away a set of 5. Two red cards, three black cards with white envelopes. I'm not gonna tell you what the art is....there has to be a mystery somewhere! Just know that when I finished, I seriously considered not doing this!!!

To enter, all you need to do is leave me a comment and tell me where you are from. I have yet to decide if I will let my girls help me draw a name or if I'll use the random number site.

I will draw on Tuesday evening and will take comments until the very end.

Good luck!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela

November 5, 2008

See Ruby Falls

It has been a couple of years since I penned this but it is so timely in my life and I really feel compelled to share. I hope you are touched and that you get to see Jesus today...and everyday.

When I was a little girl, we made countless trips from Middle Tennessee to Western North Carolina to see my Mom’s extended family. It seemed to me that almost as soon as you got out of Murfreesboro on I24 that we began to see signs that said, “See Ruby Falls.” They were on birdhouses, old barns, even sometimes on a roof of a house. Huge letters! As we crossed over Monteagle Mountain, we saw even more as they were placed closer together. Somebody really wanted you to “See Ruby Falls.”

I remember when I learned to read, I would read it aloud every time I saw a sign! I am sure I drove Mom and Dad to distraction!!! One time, I ventured out and asked, “What is Ruby Falls?” My Father told me that it was similar to a place we had been to outside of Pikeville called Fall Creek Falls, simply a waterfall that they were trying to make money off of. I was somewhat satisfied with that answer, for a few years anyway.

I noticed as I got a bit older that when we headed over in November or December, the paint would not be exactly white and some of it would even be peeling. But come the spring, just in time for all the Easter travelers, I am sure, the advertisements were bright white and fresh again. I heard once that it was on the rooftops of houses so that people on airplanes flying over could even see them!

When I was 12, we moved to Garland, TX, certainly a world away from the plush and green Middle Tennessee. The trips ‘over the mountain’ now only happened about once a year. The year I was 15, we traveled up to M’boro to see my sister and her family, before going ‘over the mountain.’ By this time, I knew the signs were not just along I24, they were on I59 as you headed up from Atlanta and on US74 as you headed west from North Carolina. I also knew I really wanted to see Ruby Falls!!!

A few years ago, my parents had retired to Decatur, TN, just north of Chattanooga, and my girls and I headed up for a visit. I knew money was tight but I asked dear hubs if I could splurge and the girls and I go see Ruby Falls. Of course, he had no clue why I was adamant about going, I had seen falls before, what could be so different about this one? However, he said YES! I am not sure if I was more excited that I was going to spend time with my family or that I would get to see Ruby Falls after all these years!!

Oh, my! Was it ever worth the wait and the price of admission to get to see Ruby Falls when I was an adult, and to have my children and niece with me. You see, it is not just a waterfall.

We drove several miles up the side of Lookout Mountain before I began to see signs showing you exactly where to go for Ruby Falls. In my mind, I was thinking we would hike up the side of the mountain and find the falls at the top! Wouldn’t that be cool? But I am not God, and I was wrong!!!

They took us into a cavern, dark and cold. We saw the stalactites and stalagmites. We saw the phosphorous in the ceiling when they turned out the lights, and we got to laugh at how each other looked in the natural black light. We saw the different formations that time had made in the cave over so many years. We learned the history of the men that first explored the cave in the late 1920’s. We learned that the name “Ruby Falls” was brought about by the man that began the excavation, his wife’s name was Ruby.

As the tour guide was leading us deeper into the cave, we began to hear what sounded like a trickle. We were led into a large open area, and after they made sure that every visitor was in the room they turned off the lights. By this point, you could surely hear water, but I was still not sure that it was more than a large creek! Oh ye of little faith!!! They led us forward by voice and I could tell when we walked into another room, because the water sound was louder and I could feel a breeze on my face. Then, to our amazement, they turned on the lights upon a waterfall!!! Not just a trickle, no siree!!! An actual 145 foot waterfall in the middle of a mountain!!! As I looked at my children’s faces, I was reminded of the song, Awesome God!!! They were looking up in such wonder at this massive flow of water, INSIDE THE CAVE!!!
Ps 47:1, 7 Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy. …For God is the King of ALL the earth; sing to him a psalm of praise!

Those are some of the most precious memories I carry of being a Mom. I was recently filing away the pictures of the trip and I found one of my youngest, looking up so wondrously to the waterfall. She was 5 at the time and it was nothing for her childlike faith to soak up all that God had created in that small corner of the world. As I dwelt upon that memory, God gently whispered, “See Jesus.” I finished putting the pictures away and went on to my next household task without exploring the possibility that I had just heard God speak.

The next morning, as I sat down to my quiet time, I heard again, “See Jesus.” This time, I really began thinking what that may mean. I know it means that, like me the first time I heard it, we go on about our lives and don’t take the time to stop and listen to the voice of the Lord. I know it means that if I am intentionally looking for the hand of God, I can see Him everyday; in my children, in my husband, in the circumstances that surround our day, the list goes on….

Then, last week as I was finishing up my study of Acts and the life of the apostle Paul, it really hit me! How many times are we like the Jews that listened to what Jesus had to say, they saw Him heal countless people and cast out demons, yet they didn’t really See Jesus. Or, how often do I pass by someone that needs to know the truth but I am busy and on my way elsewhere, so I miss the opportunity to See Jesus. We often trivialize the majestic power of His hand when we see the sunrise and sunset every day. We grow accustomed to the world around us and don’t see His works in the trees and flowers, or the night sky. We miss the opportunity to See Jesus.

I never again want to pass by the large bright white letters that say “See Jesus.” I don’t want to miss seeing another birdhouse that simply says “See Jesus.”
I simply desire that everyday, in my life, I See Jesus!!! Will you see Him,too?

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....even waterfalls in mountains!

God's girl, Pamela

Please share this with any you feel need a touch from our Heavenly Father. All I ask is that you give credit where credit is due: Jesus Christ.

November 3, 2008

I'm still learning

Yes, I am growing in His grace! Yesterday I washed my hair before church, put just a touch of product on hide the frizzies!, combed it out and went out the door! That was it...oh, and makeup, too! But the hair thing...I was so blessed when one of the senior saints told me she has always liked my hair. She said the curls are so pretty and she thinks Jesus has the same color hair as mine! She never knew the curl was natural, she thought I worked for this!!! Oh, isn't it amazing how God just touches our lives through such interesting ways???

I know this is such a place of grace, learning deep down that my Heavenly Father created every part of me, even the parts I may not like! I am so thankful for His love and that He is mindful of me (that's from Psalms, y'all!).

Thank you once again for your prayers for Melanie. And thank you for praying for me! This is such an exciting road to walk together in our Lord!

Y'all have a terrific Monday and week ahead!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...

God's girl, Pamela

November 1, 2008


Our God is an awesome God!!!
Thank you so much for praying for this precious family. Please remember them as recovery continues! This is exciting news and I am so thankful to have been involved in praying for such a precious Sister in the Lord!


God's girl, Pamela