March 20, 2011

A Church in Mourning

Oh, dear blog friends, we have suffered another loss. This time in our church family. I know that nothing I write here can truly honor all that he was, but I'm gonna give it my best shot!

David Shaver was a servant! A big man, standing eye to eye with My 6'4" Dear, with an even bigger heart! David loved God and loved teens! Crazy love that man had for teens!!! God's love!

David was what CD refers to as her "Colombia Daddy" when they went on the mission trip together in July '09 - he was her team leader. When she graduated to the Adult Bible Fellowship from high school, he became her teacher. (our church's Sunday school) For Cupcake, he was a leader in her life group each week. He always had a huge hug for the students that he ran into - no matter where he ran into them!

For us as parents, he was a big hug, a listening ear and a loving heart. Never judging, always loving...that was David.

He was also a huge part of the homeless ministry SOUL - faithful to head to downtown Dallas at 6:30 Sunday morning, rain, shine, freezing, burning, he was there!

God chose to take home a warrior and he will be missed!

The void that David has left behind will be hard to fill, but I know that God has already made those provisions - that's how He works. I also know, after going through grieving my David, that it may not happen overnight - and that's okay. God's timing is still perfect!

David was also a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan! One of our other youth workers is a Green Bay Packers fan and on Super Bowl Sunday, they both dressed in team colors....terrible towel, cheesehead and all! It was a hoot! His bride accompanied him to all kinds of football games; high school to professional!

On a personal note: Our family saw David yesterday. Apparently just before he passed away. We were walking into Subway and heard Cupcake's name being called. Looked over, and there's David walking with one crutch - he recently had knee surgery. We waited for him to walk over to us and chatted for just a few moments, we would have taken longer if we had only known. Talked about how he was getting better, all the medicines currently in his cabinet and just general conversation. Then, we all got our very special hug and went our separate way - he was going next door for a haircut.

I am humbled by the thought that our family was privileged to receive some of those last hugs. I am saddened by the loss of another giant of the faith. I am heartbroken for his precious wife of 26 yrs. My heart is heavy for the teens and young adults who are mourning. I feel for his parents, who have lost a precious son and his siblings that have now lost a brother.

David Shaver, you are loved and will be dearly missed!

On another note of loss; My Mom has learned that her baby brother, Donny, passed away recently. He had cut his family ties, so we only learned of his death after the fact. Please pray for her as she grieves losing her baby brother, now, too.

We may not understand God's ways, but I am learning that I can trust Him in all things!

Praise God from whom all blessings crossing paths with David Shaver.

God's girl,


March 16, 2011

Hollywood, I am Amazed!

Spring Break didn't exactly go the way it was planned and I'm trying to be okay with that! So, to mix it up, I took Cupcake and a friend to see The Tourist at the cheap theater. I really did not know much about the movie going into it, other than Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie were the main players. Going out, I told My Dear that we were going to an action/romance but when we got back, I told him there wasn't 'that much' action since we can see more on TV on any given night!

I sat by myself, in the back of the theater (it was pretty crowded and there were not enough seats for all of us together except for the front, where I can't sit!) and it really felt like I was just watching a nice little flick in my living room. Very few surprises, a sprinkling of laughter here and there, the movie didn't draw out too much emotion! Kind of disappointing. Cupcake said, "It was cute!"

However, as I was awake once again from 4:30 to 6:00 this morning, some things were rattling around in my head....and I became SHOCKED!!! Would you believe me if I said there was NO intimation of sex in the movie? NONE!

What there was was a sweet kiss between the main characters, and a passionate kiss as part of a dream sequence! All they did was KISS!!!

I would not say this is a family movie for everyone, the beginning there is an f-bomb, there is shooting and killing, there is a bit of suspense.

So, now, I think I really like the movie! The story-line is predictable for some but a really interesting twist at the very end! I may even watch it again once it comes out of NetFlix! Now that is daring!!!

Thank you, Lord, that we could go see a cute, fairly clean movie when plans changed.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl,


This is not a formal review of the movie. I will not be compensated for monies spent, I just wanted to let my readers know that I saw a really nice movie!