July 19, 2009

Illness and Mommyhood

UPDATE: Finally able to eat something substantial this morn!!! My whole upper body aches, though. I am able to take the day off, thank you, Lord!!! Now, the rest of you, BETTER NOT GET SICK!!! Love ya!

So if you are a Facebook friend, you have seen both of these subjects take a front seat in my life this week. I have been somewhat surprised by both, even in the midst of knowing that God is not.

Tuesday evening, the girls came home from VBS; Bunny talking about all that had happened in the 4 yr old class and CD being very quiet. She answered the question of what did she do at VBS, then disappeared to her room upstairs. We were not surprised since she is a perfectionist and packing on Tuesday when you leave on Saturday is so the right thing to do. Then, not half an hour later, she came down telling us she was not feeling well and had not been since having Goldfish at VBS. As her parents, we figured she was beginning to stress about the trip ahead and encouraged her to settle her spirit before going to bed.

She did go back upstairs...and back down within ten minutes!!! She had gotten physically ill! No fever, just an upset tummy - for the next six hours!!! I finally crawled in my bed about 6:15 Wed morn and slept a few hours before Miss PD made her entrance for the day. I did what I should have done...told Miss PD's Mom but since there was no fever and extenuating circumstances of stress surrounding the trip, I really thought we were fine.


Miss PD's Mom called me Friday morn, little Miss had started getting physically ill around 10 pm the night before and had finally drifted off to sleep around 5AM. I went to their home that day to watch Miss PD for just a couple of hours, getting lots of texts from my CD of all that she was remembering she needed to get before leaving early Saturday morn. We had also planned a dinner party for family that night so they could say their goodbyes and prayers over her...somehow, I know with God's help, we pulled it all off!!!

The alarm went off, very rudely, at 2:25 AM so we could get luggage and people to the van and to the church by 3:15 AM, with the final destination of the airport by 4! We watched our oldest walk through the airport security for the first time without us! Very surreal...trust me!!!

We then headed for some breakfast at Whataburger...Bunny loves their taquitos! We came straight home and all crawled back in bed for just a bit more sleep. Needless to say, being up for a portion of the night re-arranged our whole day and even on a Saturday, not much housework got done...oops!!!

I was first up, no surprise, by about 9:30 and checking Facebook and Twitter to make sure they had made it to the Miami airport! Her youth pastor, Doug, had uploaded some pics of her and friends and I surprisingly found that did my heart some good!

For a little bit, anyway!!! (This is at the hotel in Colombia!)

Then, I noticed just how quiet the house was while the other half of my family continued to sleep...and it began to drive me nuts!!! All of a sudden, I could not pull away from the computer for fear I might miss something new pertaining to CD! I found myself leaving this status on FB, " I know y'all are gonna be sick of me, but....I did not realize I would miss CD this much!!! And she is still in Miami!!! She is my early riser and I am lonely while the other two still sleep!!!!"

I have been trying to 'let go' little by little, but I am now convinced that cannot be done...I just have to at some point let go!! I see the difference in my relationship with the girls - Bunny is my buddy, CD has become my friend!

So, to wrap this up, I come downstairs last evening and see hubs eating and I was overcome by a wave of nausea. Within the hour, I was sicker than a dog!!! However, unlike CD and Miss PD, I am now 16 hours into this and still can't see the end! Please pray for my dear hubs as he tries to keep up with me! As I said earlier, I know that God is not surprised by this. I am praying that the Colombia team that we spent about forty-five minutes with, will not come down with it over there!

I really wish my Mom were here to take care of me! However, I know that my Father is always near...especially when I'm ill.

Moms, stay healthy, okay???

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela


Guest said...

Hey Girl! I can NOT imagine how it must feel to see your child go through security without you....yikes! Praying you get well quickly and the "team" stays well!!!
LOVE YOU! In Him, Kat

Guest said...

I've been wondering if you passed some illness our way!!!
Are y'all feeling better at this point?
Thanks for the prayers!