January 12, 2010

A Fitting Memorial

Do you remember Kevin from this post?

He passed away last Monday, January 4, 2010. Peacefully. So ready to meet his Lord. So ready to be HOME!

We learned that Kevin had family here in the Dallas area but chose to live independently, even when that meant homeless. His Aunties and several cousins were there. And the family that brought Kevin into our church, into our lives, was listed in the obituary as his family!!!

The memorial Friday morning, Jan 8, was officiated by the Pastor that oversees S.O.U.L. Ministries and I love how he blended Kevin's favorite scriptures in his brief message! One of Kevin's favorite scriptures has stood out to me during these few days...Hebrews 11, the Hall of Faith!

I desire to have the same level of faith that Kevin did. To know, beyond knowing, that the path I am on is the perfect path God has for me...the same way Abraham, and Noah, and Enoch did. I desire to live surrendered, the way Kevin did, to whatever it is the Lord has for me - whether pain, trial or a sense of comfort, like Paul! As you can see, God has really used the end of this man's life to shape some of my thoughts to look more like His, and the journey has been awesome.

I was totally moved by some of the stories when the podium was opened for audience members to say something about Kevin...oh, and the audience....HUGE!!! The funeral home was somewhat small but the room was filled, wall to wall with people there to remember Kevin and pay their respects! The last audience member to speak, though, (if I can stop crying long enough to type this out!) totally got to me! He was a homeless man that never met Kevin. NEVER! Someone had invited him that morning at The Bridge, Dallas homeless shelter, and again, someone invited him at The Stewpot.

It was no random invitation, though! NO, SIR! He was meant to be in that packed room on a very cold Friday morning - and it wasn't just to get warm. He heard the gospel preached, and he saw how people from all walks of life had loved Kevin. And he had a word to share - stay in touch with family. Don't start walking a path so alone.

I struggle with this, to a degree. I get busy and forget to call my Mom - I did it just this past Sunday...so sorry, Mama! I spend my time writing this blog to give family a glimpse of our lives, but then forget to e-mail or write them later on.

Now, I am trying...to be available, first for my sweet man and our girls!

I don't think I can convey in this little blog just how much of a blessing Kevin was to me. I know I cannot give enough glory to God - He deserves it ALL!!! I'm thankful we found a sitter for Miss PD (man, it was hard leaving her!) and found our way to Oak Cliff for a memorial service that I won't soon forget.

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela

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Cop Mama said...

Sorry you lost Kevin. I can tell you have a kind heart. God bless you.