July 15, 2010

Prayers Needed for A Very Special Gift

The original post is below on our Very Special Gift and right now, that gift needs prayer.

UPDATE for July 16, 2010...

David is awake and trying to communicate with Mom around his respirator!!! Thank you so much for your prayers! Please continue to lift David up for complete healing! We are hoping to head up to see David when he is home recovering!!!

My sister and I just learned that David is in the hospital in Cleveland, TN. He is in ICU on life-support due to complications of double pneumonia. We thought he was doing better after being on anti-biotics but apparently, something has gone horribly wrong.
Sissy and I are trying to find a way to get there and be with David and our parents. Would you please pray that God would provide...especially healing and finances!

December 14, 1975...a day forever in my memory, in my heart!

I don't know what time they woke us up, all I remember is leaving the house in the dark of night and it being so cold outside that we were smoking! I believe I made a comment about the smoking and my Mom did not reply...which was highly unusual!

We drove to Aunt Martha's house (otherwise known as the children's home, a local ministry in Murfreesboro, TN) and my sister and I made our way to one of the unused bedrooms on the girls side. In my memory, just a few hours later, my Dad came in as we were getting ready for church and let us know that we had a baby brother! We were so excited, we had hoped and prayed for a baby brother!!!

They named him David after the biblical David, the one who fought Goliath and won! Very fitting, indeed!

Little did we know at that time that David would forever alter the course of our lives!

David was born with many handicaps, both physical and mental. As a child, I can remember watching others stare in the store, or whisper as they passed by. However, I don't ever recall being embarrassed by him being my brother!

He is a miracle...not supposed to have survived childhood according to doctors. Not supposed to learn to walk, talk, write...all of which he accomplished at one point in his life! I am proud to be his big sister, and to have experienced history in the making as he has grown into a wonderfully sweet man!!!

David turned 34 a few weeks ago...I won't tell you how old that has made me feel!!! I will tell you, I am so thankful for every one of those 34 yrs...and look forward to sharing many more birthdays with 'my sunshine'!!!

David, you are my sunshine and I love you!!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...

God's girl and David's big sister!



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Melinda said...

I loved loved loved this post. You are such a great Big Sister! Happy Birthday David! My son is Special Needs, although his is all physical, but I can relate somewhat, and this post made me cry. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Pamela said...

Thanks, Melinda. He is one special kid in so many ways! I didn't mean to make anyone cry...I actually got through it without tears, which is such a miracle!

CaseyMay said...

Pamela! You know that this touches my heart in a very real way. Thank you so much for posting it, I am very blessed to read it!

Pamela said...

Aww, Casey!!! I'm glad we share in the special sibling dept! I hope your Christmas at home has been terrific!