September 3, 2011

A weekend of laughter and tears! - Women of Faith

I was totally blessed and overwhelmed to, as a blogger, receive tickets to Women of Faith; Over the Top in my area last weekend! I will be honest, though, and tell you that I did not take full advantage as a blogger of all that was offered. I never met with the speakers, I didn't take many pictures, I didn't even take notes because I had everything in my bag BUT a pen!! I was pretty much just a regular gal there for a good God time....and that is exactly what I had!!!

My blog readers know that this year has been very difficult and gearing up for school totally kicked me to the curb! (Speaking of school, did you watch on Facebook as God performed a miracle for CD and she was able to return to school this semester??? That was awesome!!) CD is back at her Bible college, starting her second year. Cupcake is a senior, and I'm still not sure where the time went!

Anyway, I said all that to say this: I needed a Women of Faith weekend - BAD!!! Unfortunately, just getting there wasn't easy. Trying to settle things for My Dear and Cupcake proved to be difficult, even though it is just the two of them!

However, I boarded the train just before 9am on Friday morn and made my way downtown!

The morning started with a tremendous praise time led by the Women of Faith Worship Team followed by Patsy Clairmont and Andy Andrews....LOTS of energy and laughter from those two!!!

Andy Andrews makes ADHD look absolutely hysterical! He simply cannot stay in one spot, and I think he gives hope to the Mom's and Grandma's that their precious, energetic children can become productive adults!!!

As he told about his homeless experience, I picked up a juicy morsel that I hope to keep close for quite some time...the greatest things happen in life because of how we act when life's not fair! We've taught our girls that life is not fair, that God is truly just and that is why we depend on Him and His wisdom. Mr. Andrews helped me to wrap my brain around the fact that when hardships come, my attitude is very important! I've heard it for years, but concept to reality has been hard to teach!!!

Patsy Clairmont is just a spit-fire full of wisdom! I always have a chance to laugh, and usually a chance to cry, during her sessions!!! thoughts are still a jumble and I know you didn't drop by to read a moment by moment account of a Women of Faith weekend so...

Brenda Warner. Oh, if I could have a couple of hours and some tea with her, I know I would walk away with so much knowledge, friendship and wisdom to last for a long time! She has a very matter-of-fact way of telling her story but I sat there and cried through most of it. She was a Marine, I was an Army wife. She is Mom to a special needs child, I was a sister of one. She's married to a football player, and I LOVE football!!

As Ms. Warner was wrapping up her session, my heart was fully open and I felt so vulnerable. I wasn't sure what God had planned for the afternoon, but my heart was ready for it!

And then....I know Sandi Patty shared a portion of her story, but I could not tell you what it was. I just remember that toward the end, she began singing her hit song, "We Shall Behold Him' and it was beautiful. Of course, my mind went to David, already beholding the glory of our Lord, and the tears began to fall again.

Then, the kicker.....she motioned for someone in the audience to join her on stage, and it was Lisa Smith. If you don't know her story, Ms. Smith is Down's, a physically handicapped young lady. Her sign language is beautiful, her movements are large, her face just shines as she signs! By this point, I was full out weeping!

The tears are falling again as I type. There will soon come a day when I will see David again. I will hug his sweet neck, kiss his precious bald spot, hear another "I love you." However, before I get to do all that, I will have the opportunity of a lifetime - to fully, heart open, worship my Savior and King in full abandon, face to face!!! I can't imagine....I think I will probably be speechless as I enter the splendor of Heaven. To see my Lord, and say Thank You. To let Him know that I love Him with my whole being....that will be Heavenly!!!

Thank you to the Women of Faith team for allowing me a way to be there! Thank you to Thomas Nelson, because without the BookSneeze program, I would have never had the opportunity to be there! Thank you, Women of Faith, for also hosting a prayer room. My time with Susan was so anointed and God breathed peace over me as she prayed!

I'm not sure that what is truly in my heart has been conveyed here! I can truly say....


God's girl,


My only compensation for this article is the tickets I was given to attend Women of Faith.

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