October 1, 2011

She's 18?!?

Today is my baby girl's 18th birthday, the one I call Cupcake.  And, Funfetti cupcakes are what we made to share with her friends tomorrow while they play like children at Chuck E. Cheese!

I am simply amazed that 18 yrs have passed since that warm, sunshine-y day in El Paso when she finally decided to join our family.  I remember some pretty long, hard days during these 18 yrs, and if you've followed my blog since the beginning I'm sure you remember some of them, too!  However, to realize that the time has passed and today she becomes an adult is just mind-boggling!

Many times I have referred to the fact that this is the child that has kept me on my knees...and trust me, that is a good thing!  She has reminded me over and over again that I am not a perfect Mom, that I can only be her Mom by sitting at the feet of Jesus each and every day and because of that, I am a better wife to My Dear and better Mom to her and CD - and for that, I would not trade!

Cupcake has shown me a new way to live, to love, to know God because she has never been afraid to ask the hard questions.  I know some of you would say she argued with me, and at times, she did, but her stubborn desire to know the ins and outs of life and the rules have made me question many things that I held as firm belief.  Come to find out, I should have questioned them long ago, but I was afraid.  I'm so thankful that she was not afraid to explore and question the world around her!

Some highlights, and lowlights, that I remember of these years:

Cupcake did not like to be swaddled!  She preferred to be free....imagine that!
She NEVER liked a schedule!  Never!
She smiled and laughed at CD more than she ever did at me, they were fast friends!
I loved her hair up in a "waterfall"....it just made her little round face so cute!
She loved all things Winnie the Pooh!
My precious 4 yr old, at my feet, asking Jesus to start a relationship in her heart.
She has always loved to learn and was very anxious to start Kindergarten....at the door of the school, she never even looked back to wave goodbye on her first day.
Cupcake liked playing soccer, until she got a cleat scraped across her nose....my poor baby!
In 4th grade she told me she was thinking of trying out for the band, and proceeded to come home letting me know she would be playing the trumpet!  WHAT?  Why not the flute?  I don't know, but she was really good at the trumpet!
She's really good at Art and being creative, too!
BOYS....not sure why, but they have always held a certain appeal for her - to the point of driving us insane, I think!
I have always loved hearing my girls giggle and converse together....makes my Momma's heart feel good, especially as they have grown.
The hard years....8th, 9th and 10th grade.  I'm not sure I ever showed her enough grace, but she made sure that I loved her during that time!
My 'little bitty' coming home from a job fair and letting me know she would be a lifeguard!  Really? 
Watching her grow through this difficult year....she was the one that took care of me on those days when I simply could not imagine moving after losing David. 
Seeing Cupcake and my big Sissy enjoying one anothers company - they are so much alike!
Just last week, we got to have fun making her mum for homecoming....she is so creative!

I am so thankful that God chose My Dear and I to raise her in His love and admonition.  We are truly blessed for her being part of our family.


Praise God from whom all blessings flow....like my 18 yr old, Cupcake!

God's girl,


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