June 2, 2012

God provides....

Update:  All the monies due were miraculously given in time for CD to move in and begin working with other YFN interns!!!  I knew that God would provide!  Her next due date is the beginning of July, to finish paying for this summer session.  She still needs quite a bit, but I am still confident that my God is big enough to provide for what He has called her to do!  Thank you for your part!!!

I'm not even sure how to begin.....my heart isn't heavy, but life didn't go the way we had planned today.
CD had planned to move back to school today and start on her summer internship, working at the Summer youth camp they host.  She has been so excited, basically sitting on pins and needles the few weeks she has been here! Being a dorm counselor at youth camp has been a dream of hers for a very long time!

We packed up her car and she headed off. About an hour later, she calls.....she can't move in until she has paid a registration fee for this Summer session. We thought that when last semester's bill was paid off that she would be able to register and pay out the Summer monies over the next few weeks.

Obviously, we were wrong!

I know that God provides and I feel very strongly that I am supposed to post this on my blog....even though it goes against some of my rules of personal sharing.

I'm not specifically asking anyone to come forward and pay it, but rather to join with us in prayer, knowing that God does provide!

God has never failed us!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow......like needed finances!

God's girl, Pamela

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