August 13, 2012

Directly from our CD:

Gotta Have Faith

I have been blessed time and time again to see God provide in amazing ways for the things I need! Last week I received a free tire and my school bill for summer got paid off! It amazes me to see God work things out time and time again. However, last night I got a little wake up call from God as I realized I have trusted Him for big things, but not little things.
I was spending some time focusing on praying for myself and things I am dealing with and said to God, “I’m sorry, I keep asking for things and having to trust you to give it to me.” What a terrible thing to say to the God who promises to provide for me! Who calls me His child and says He will not withhold things from me. How awful of me to keep Him out of parts of my life that He desperately wants to be a part of because He knows what is best in each situation. I realized that God wants to be part of everything I am part of. He wants to me to make known the things I want and need and He delights in giving them to me. It does not mean that God is my personal Santa that I can make a wish and have it come on demand, but it is about the faith involved in believing that I am not expected to take care of everything myself. He wants to provide for me! So I am making a decision to trust God for all the things I want and need allowing Him to work it all together and be my provider!
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Praise God from whom ALL blessing flow....

God's girl,


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