October 7, 2008

Have you been Churched???

The book comes out today and I am so excited, I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on it!!! I am hoping I can find it at Mardel, if not, I will be asking them to order some copies, then heading straight to Barnes and Noble to find it!

And, I have Churched bookmarks if anyone is interested! You can comment me and let me know where to send one. I only asked for a few because I'm still not sure just how many I can give out!!!

Today is also my big Sissy's birthday! Happy Birthday to the most wonderful sister in the world!!! Yes, I should know because she is mine and that makes her the best!

Some of you may have noticed a new name on my blogroll: Without Wax. He is a pastor in Nashville, TN and is really making a difference! I am enjoying reading his blog and I pop over on occasion to his wife's, as well. They are really sweet and have such a heart for God!

I hope y'all have a terrific day...it is finally cooler here so I will be enjoying the beautiful weather; high of 79 and sunny skies! Maybe even take Christy for a walk!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela

I went to Mardel and they were already sold out of the book. She said they were putting in another order today and it would be in by Friday and she could put a hold on one....ummm, no thanks! I am too excited to have to wait a few days! Then, I went to Barnes & Noble, they had 3 books but the price was right at what I had to spend...my birthday money! And I am nothing if not cheap!!!
Then I headed to Target and Wal-Mart and neither of them had the book and by this time, I was beginning to get frustrated! I came home and found a $10 gift card in the mail from a survey I did back in the summer!!! So, after some lunch, we headed back to the mall and bought the book at B&N!!! Yeah! I'm gonna go read now so I may be awhile!!! Y'all enjoy the cool weather!!!


gerbmom said...

Just stopping by to check out your blog - this is Karen that wrote the piece on Churched that MPT was talking about on his blog. I wonder how many of us are in that contemplative mode, the squirming mode, the bittersweet mode, the embarrassed mode as we read CHURCHED. Lemme know what you think when you are finished!

gerbmom said...

Actually, I grew up in a GARB (general association of regular baptists) church. After college, and getting married my hubby and I still attended this church until 3 years ago when we became part of an emerging church church plant called Via Christus Community Church. Best thing that every happened to us. Unfortunately, we never grew past the house church state (which I was fine with) but it was not sustainable for the pastor. He has moved to TX and is going to seminary at Austin Pres. with a goal of becoming a professor. Good for him, sad for us. We are churchless at this present time.
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