June 13, 2009

Honor and Respect

This is going to be an odd, transparent blog. See, I have questions! I think I have the respect part down (my Momma can tell me that!) but the honor thing...I struggle with, especially in regards to family.

This last year has been hard on our family. There are things going on in our household that I don't feel the freedom to share with anyone! These same things are causing me to be so emotionally drained that I don't feel I can see straight most days.(no rumors please, my marriage is just fine thank you!)

Add on to that a baby in the house 8-10 hrs a day, plus school, church and all those other 'things' that are just part of life.

I am tired!!!

Now, please hear my heart...I know that God is in the midst of all of this. I see His hand at work in so many ways that I am continually blown away! Have you read Acts lately???
The Vicky Beeching song playing as I began typing sums up alot of my spirit walk...

"You are my strength and you are my song giving me hope and guiding me

At all times I will sing of your greatness
At all times I will sing of your love
At all times I will sing of your faithfulness
For your goodness remains and your love is the same at all times"

That doesn't change the fact that I am tired...really tired! Those of you that have raised teenagers know exactly what I am talking about, I know!

So, as the wife and Mom of my particular family, I feel torn. How do I respect the issues going on in my own home and yet honor extended family? I went to bed last night feeling like I just could not give any more of me away for the day, or the month for that matter!

My question to you, my dear blog friends, is not so much for advice but...

How do you show honor?

What are some practical things that you do to let your extended family know you really do love them?

For those of you that are older adults, how do you expect to see honor?

I do understand this is a season in life. I know that soon, the winds will change and life will become a different normal (the sooner would be better, please Lord???)Somehow, though, I need to get through this season and I want to do it well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for praying for my family.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...like blog readers

God's girl, Pamela


Linda said...

Hi God's Girl,
I want you to know that I prayed for you. I do not know what you are going through, but I can tell that it is truly a heavy burden you are carrying, and that as you said,...you are tired. I pray that God will help you bear this burden and that He will bring you peace, and give you grace.

Once my 80 yr. old mother-in-law did something that hurt my husband and myself very deeply. We prayed about it and forgave her and just let it go, because she was our elder and she deserved our respect....and honor. I am so glad we did that, because she later rectified her mistake and completely turned around in her way of thinking. The last 5 years of her life, she and I were closer than we had ever been, and my husband and I were able to minister to her in her illness and were with her when she died. We chose to love her and honor her even when she was not making it easy. I think God honored that and blessed our relationship with her.
I hope this helps you in some way..

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Fitafter4 said...

Hmmm....interesting question--one I must ponder. However, one thing to note: what makes "respect" and "honor" different? In my humble opinion, respect is earned...honor is what God expects of us. Can you honor someone without respecting them? Yes--I think so. For instance, I honor my grandfather, because that is what is required of me. Do I respect him? Absolutely not--he's honestly not given me any reason to and has brought hurt upon members of my family.
I think honor is a "mindframe." It is accepting people for who they are and what they are----BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF YOU OR YOUR FAMILY.

I hope this makes SOME sense. It may not--but it's my stab at your question.
Still need to meet for coffee!!!

livinghisgrace said...

Dearest Pamela: First of all, you are dearly loved, and you are right--this is just a season.
The way that I show that I honor others is trying to do the little things; doesn't have to be major, but the thoughtful little things are so important. A card, a visit over a cup of coffee...even prayer shows honor.