June 3, 2009

Six Days in May

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As I've posted earlier, May always seems to be a very busy month and this year has been no exception!!! In fact, it seems to be busier than normal...or maybe it is just all of the emotion going into this time in our lives as parents of a graduating senior!!! Not sure, but there were six days that passed in a blur, yet I want to remember most of them for a long time! We took pictures and even some video and near the end of those days, sleep was very needed!!!

On Thursday night, CD (formerly DD1!) had her final choir concert...as in, this A Capella Choir will not sing together again in a concert setting!!! She has been in this choir for three years and has made some really deep friendships during that time. This year's choir has really gelled and become a 'family' within the school and it has been so neat to watch them work and grow together! It was a choir of 16 seniors....16!!! That is a lot of people that they will have to replace next year! I do not envy the director during that process!

I did cry, I cannot lie. As CD received her rose, I could not keep the tears from falling down my cheeks! I've watched the rose ceremony for 4 yrs now and it was even sweeter to hear my own daughter's name and accomplishments being called in front of everyone!!! The tears really began, though, as they sang a version of the Irish blessing, "The Lord Bless You and Keep You." Knowing that the time was short, many of the students began to tear up themselves and this Momma/booster club president, just could not keep the tears away!!! These kids have a special place in my heart because I know just how hard they have worked to get to this point and to know that after Saturday, the choir will change is a very hard reality...even for me!

Then, we woke up early that Saturday morning to make a trip to Waco for my niece's graduation ceremony at Baylor University!!! It started raining on us about an hour away from home and truly rained on us until graduation was over!!! We were in the auditorium/stadium listening to the rain pound the roof!!! However, to see my niece graduate with honors was so worth the trip!!! I am so proud of her accomplishments! She graduated with a BA in journalism and I know there is an awesome road of life ahead of her!!! GO JD!!!!

The next day was Senior Recognition Sunday at our church...ya know, the new one!!! So, that meant that the trip to Waco was fairly short lived! Thankfully, we have a 10:30 am service and that is the one we attend as a family so we did get a bit of extra sleep that day! There was also a lunch for the graduates so I didn't even have to cook - what more could a Mom ask for???

It was so neat to watch CD's pictures up on the big screen during the slide show. I was a very nice Mom and turned in mostly studio pics of her...except for the one of her and the Beluga whale - I just could not resist!!! The church gave each graduate a journal and the youth pastor called them up one by one to tell what they planned for the next stage in their lives and CD was called up first!!! She was not excited about that part of it but she did so well. She plans to go to community college this fall and get most of her basics then in a year or two head to a nearby university to get a secondary teaching degree! Can I just say, I did not cry that day!!! AT ALL!!! I PROMISE!!!

Then, to wrap up the insanity, we had Bunny's final freshman band concert on Tuesday evening! Both of her high school's bands, Symphonic and Honors, received sweepstakes at UIL this year!!! I would say that is a big accomplishment, but their director expects just that of them, so no one was really surprised! Bunny had been concerned for that night, though, because in practice some songs just were not coming together between woodwinds and brass. But can I just say, THEY BROUGHT IT!!! They sounded great!!! She is in the symphonic band, and will be again next year, so they are only losing a couple of seniors from their section (trumpets). I don't think it will make too big of a difference!

So, that weekend served to let me know that I should have bought stock in Kleenex a few years back! It was so neat to watch my daughters display their talent! It was equally awesome to see my niece and my oldest receive recognition for what they have worked so hard for....graduation!!! I am proud of these young ladies! They each bring their own brand of joy and smiles to our family and I would not trade for anything!

I have no pics right now because my desktop computer keeps acting up so I am doing this on hubs laptop! Just when I think it is fixed, another error box pops up with a different problem!!! Oh well, it's all gonna be okay!!!

Thanks for sharing a bit of the craziness that encompassed six days in May!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...

God's girl, Pamela


Sally-Ann said...

It is wonderful to be able to watch our children's talents grow and flourish!

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Wow...your May has been busy! Congratulations on having a graduate. What a blessing...

Blessings to you,

Linda said...

Pamela,...it sounds like "God's Girl" certainly has been busy. ((smile))

I know you are proud of your graduate, and of her accomplishments. And also of your younger girl too and her musical gifts.

I am sure that you deserve credit too for being a good mom!

So, Congratulations and God's Continued Blessings!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Lynnette Kraft said...

I had my first graduate last year - it's such a sweet time to celebrate...and hard for a momma too. Sounds like we understand each other. :)

Thanks for sharing.

Praising God with you over this time of celebration.

CaseyMay said...

Aww...that's so great! I wish I could have been there for the celebration! I think of you guys all the time, not sure when I will have a free weekend, hopefully soon.

PS, not sure if any of my fam is coming down for graduation in August, if they don't, would y'all be willing to attend? They haven't said no as their final answer yet, but I will keep you posted.