September 8, 2009

FEARLESS; Imagine Your Life Without Fear by Max Lucado - a book review

Every day we face reasons for fear: our children, our marriages, our jobs, traffic, family issues...and the list could go on, depending on our circumstances! This is exactly what Max Lucado tackles in his latest book, Fearless. With chapter subtitles such as Fear of Disappointing God, Fear of Worst Case Scenarios, and Fear of What's Next, he uses his simple but eloquent writing style to bring fresh perspective in a fearful world.

I learned an interesting Bible tidbit near the end of Facing the Giants: "Well, in God's word He said 365 different times, "Do not fear." Now if He says it that many times, you know He's serious about it, don't ya?" Mark Richt, the football coach of the Georgia Bulldogs, mentions this to Grant Taylor as his underdog team is about to head into the state championship. I remember thinking that was once for each day of the year! "Do not fear" must be an important mandate!

Max Lucado uses several of those 365 scriptures to lead us into an eye-opening view of a Holy God! He lists just twelve scriptures on pp 11,12 that deal with having courage and not being afraid. He begins each new chapter with a different verse that reminds us, again, not to fear!

I appreciate how Max Lucado can be so honest in his writings, really transparent at times. He begins this book with a very personal, emotional story about his brother, Dee. Lucado later tells a story of Molly, the family dog, that most everyone can closely relate with. When he shared about his personal feelings before heart surgery, I came away hoping I can learn to face death bravely.

I am walking away from reading Fearless with a deeper insight into the grace of God. My favorite quote is from the chapter on Fear of Disappointing God, "Nothing fosters courage like a clear grasp of grace. And nothing fosters fear like an ignorance of mercy." I was reading through this book as our pastor was bringing a series of messages on the types of grace that God gives! It still amazes me that that is usually the way God works!

I suggest this Lucado book, not only for the faithful Lucado readers, but for anyone that lives, works and relates in this present world! Even if you do not consider yourself a fearful person, it can be exciting to see just how big and good our God is in a fresh way!

I want to leave you with one line that rocked my world for several hours: "Heaven's best took hell's worst and turned it into hope." Praise the LORD!!! He can do this in our lives, as well.

Praise God from whom all blessings His grace!

God's girl, Pamela

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