October 5, 2009

On Being a Mom of Teenagers!

Oh, Lord, Ps 139:14.I praise you because my daughters are fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. (Pamela's paraphrase!)

My girls have such tender hearts. I will be honest right here and now....we have not always handled those tender hearts well. Lord, please forgive me.

Both girls struggle with relationships....one struggles with maintaining friendships, the other struggles with choosing friends (and lots of them!) over family, school and anything else!!! In one week, our whole family dynamic shifted ever so slightly...and it all started with relationship issues!

CD had a disagreement with a close friend, and really thought that would be the end of a close friendship. However, she never told us what was going on! That was on Sunday and you could just feel drama coming in the door!

Monday, I got a text from Bunny that one of her former acquaintances (from the group she hung out with last year) had killed himself over the weekend. I picked her up early from school and we planned to either visit the funeral home for the viewing or the funeral...neither happened.

On Wednesday of that week, CD had an ortho appt. that I was going to ask her to take herself. Daddy beat me to the punch....he asked if Miss PD and I would like to head out with him to a client visit that day. Miss PD has learned to say 'dog' and always wants to pet and kiss ours and his client has several dogs and hubs thought it would be neat to see how she reacted to different dogs. I loved the idea and said yes...it meant we got out of the house for a while.

That same Wednesday evening, the viewing was scheduled for the young man from Bunny's school and I was trying to work out in my head how we could do her home group and the funeral home in a timely manner as we were driving back to our side of town.

Once we were getting close to home, we got a phone call that parents dread...."Mom, I've had an accident."

CD was pulling out of the ortho office parking lot and saw a vehicle coming with it's right turn blinker on and thought they were turning into the parking lot....they didn't! She got hit in the driver's side front quarter panel, pushing the tire back about 10 inches! She also got bit by the airbag; her right hand and arm cut and her left arm a little burned.

Needless to say, plans for Bunny changed at that moment. Everyone's plans changed! I went to bed for the next week feeling so thankful for my daughters...that they were safe and sleeping soundly under the same roof as us! It was a very emotional week and I am glad it has passed!

God was so in control, though...of course!!! Our Windstar was 14 yrs old and they called it a total loss and gave us more for it than we imagined! Within a week, we were able to find a Plymouth Grand Voyager, two years newer but more miles. The good thing, we were able to buy it with the settlement from the accident.

Pics of the Windstar are on hubs phone and he is not home at the moment so I will try to get that later. The 'new' van:

We have all shed tears. We have all hugged one another tighter. We have grown as a family through this trial. I know it seems trivial, but this was one emotional trial that I don't want to go through again! We are so thankful for the many blessings of life!

Relationships? Well, CD worked things out with her friend and they are still growing in God together. Bunny still misses seeing his face around school. His death affected her in ways I'm not sure she thought it would. We've had to learn to lean into God through this time! Honestly, though, where else would we rather be?

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela


joyce said...

I just popped in from Pete's blog....I have two daughters (college) and your post title caught my eye. I'm so glad your daughter wasn't seriously injured. My oldest had an accident last spring and it's an awful phone call to get...we were living in England at the time and she was in South Carolina...I've never felt so helpless! (Nobody was hurt)

I don't know how people get thru the teen years without a deep faith and trust in God...as they have spread their wings and become independent people I have quickly realized that I have to continually be handing them over to Him...that He loves them more than me, has a plan for their lives and knows every hair on their head. That gives me such comfort...can't imagine not having that during these growing up years especially.


Pamela said...

Thanks, Joyce, for your sweet comments. I am so thankful we were so close to CD when she had the accident and could be there within 15 min. I could not imagine being away from her during that time! I am thankful your daughter was okay, as well.
I have always told my girls that God loves them so much more than I do, than I can. My love is so imperfect, His is perfect! Sounds like we think along the same lines...and no, I can't imagine going through these years without knowing my precious Lord and leaning on Him during the trials of the age!


Anonymous said...

Oh Dear Pamela:
What a time you've all been going through, God bless you! My heart hurts for you, but praise God that you are all still 'glued' together. God is soo good, to use such troubling times to bless us even further, not only with His wonderful presence, but to bind your family closer still. Praise Him!
And bless you, dear Friend. I'm glad that your precious daughter is ok too.
Love to you,