April 3, 2009

Answer to Prayer

Well, you hate when babies are sick but....

The sweet little one that I babysit has been fighting a bug for over a week and the cough was only getting worse. On Wednesday, her nap only lasted 25 minutes...she woke herself up coughing and could not get back to sleep! Her Mom finally got her an appt. yesterday morn and come to find out, she has double ear infections and they are both of the severe variety!

Poor baby!!!

However, Mom kept her home yesterday, started her on the antibiotics and just let her rest. And us? Hubs and I had a chance to TALK without interruption!!! It was awesome!

There were things said yesterday that I can so see God's hand at work....I knew it was there, just life was whizzing by so fast that it was a big blur!

So, for today I will rest in the hands of my dear Savior, knowing that He is in control. I will be thankful for the sunshine - both inside and out! I will contine to look to see Jesus!!!

Thank you so much for your prayers....I was so tired - yes, I got a bit of the bug, too, and that is to be expected. I will be okay in a few days, though!!!


God's girl, Pamela

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Anonymous said...

Amen!!!! I love when we take the opportunity to embrace life when things don't go as planned. I'm getting better at that!! Great chats with our hubs are priceless!!!!