April 15, 2009

walking down the aisle with a scraped knee

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I am so sorry to have been away for so long...and yes, I know I am only apologizing to the two people that read my blog on a somewhat regular basis - and I really do love y'all!!! Remember, I said I was getting a bit sick?? Well, turns out I got really sick! I am finally slowing down on the coughing and was even able to host the family Easter lunch here in our home!!! This annual lunch gathering includes both sides of the family...his Mom and Dad along with my sister and niece. This year, we were also privileged to have Casey join us from the Honor Academy! It was definitely a blessed Easter! And yes, church was absolutely awesome!!!

Mom, Daddy and DL, I miss y'all something terrible! I wish we could spend some sort of holiday together....that is what I'm praying for and that it would be SOON!!! I love y'all!!!

Okay, now that I have that out of the way, are you ready to share a memory from a very long time ago? The occasion was the day of my sister's first wedding...circa April 1981! I cannot even fathom it has been that long ago since I was a 12 yr old girl!!!

We traveled from Texas to Middle Tennessee during Spring Break to attend the wedding. We had only moved to Texas 6 months earlier and still had many friends and family in the Middle Tennessee area that she wanted to be at her wedding. This basically meant, for a 12 yr old, that the comforts of 'home' were left behind right before an important life event...I was not exactly happy about that part of it!

In Tennessee, we stayed with friends in a newer subdivision, but remember, this was the early 80's and the road was still not fully paved around the subdivision....there was still lots of gravel on either side of the 'road'! And the gravel was the rub!!!

While I would not consider myself a tomboy, I did enjoy spending time outdoors - especially when a bicycle was handy. The family we were staying with had some extra bikes hanging in the shed so I took one as my own that week! The bike riding was my escape from the fast wedding preparations taking place inside!

The family also had two boys a couple of years younger than me - and we all know it is more fun to ride bikes together than alone! We had taken time most days to ride around for a bit and by Thursday, I was feeling very comfortable and confident on my loaner bike! Confident enough to race the oldest boy!!!

As I'm sure you can guess by now, I did not win the race. I cannot remember exactly why, but as we were riding along, I pulled a bit farther into the shoulder of the road than was necessary and went spinning out of control on the gravel! I tore my knee up really well!!!

We were not far from the house so it did not take long for my Mom to come running to the accident! I had landed with most of the weight on my left knee, the rest of it on my hands! I was bleeding from all three of those places and quite a bit! I did try to walk to the house but could not put any weight on my left leg, it hurt too badly!

The worst part? The accident happened on Thursday afternoon and the wedding was going to happen on Saturday!

My Dad finally came and carried me in the house. They ran a bath for me so we could try to wash out all the dirt and loose gravel. It was determined that the cut was not deep enough for stitches so there was no need for medical care. That was fine with me! I was so embarassed to have had the accident in the middle of the day when neighbors could observe what happened! I was a very self-conscious 12 yr old!!!

Thankfully, my dress for the wedding was long and would cover the HUGE bandage I would be sporting! I know in the picture, we look so much like Southern Belles...this was Middle Tennessee, though!!!

I did manage to limp down the aisle and stand by my Sissy as she said her vows. I don't really remember much of the day, other than my limping (self-conscious!!) and being in some pain!

Unfortunately, the marriage did not last. However, I still cannot fathom that it has been 28 yrs ago! My Sissy and I have grown and changed so much since then. She is now one of my best friends in the whole wide world and if I could smooth some of the memories away for her, I certainly would! I look up to her in so many ways...as a friend, Mom, employee, citizen.

I'm thankful that God put us in the same family all those years ago. Don't tell her but I love that she refers to me as "Mini-Me" because I truly have always wanted to grow up to be just like her! I love you, Sissy!!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....like my big Sissy!

God's girl, Pamela


Julie said...

That is too funny about your knee! My parents would've been SO upset! Glad the dress covered it!

Tanya said...

Glad you were able to be at your sister's wedding. :)

Lovely picture of the two of you.

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Oh... to be twelve and have the gumption to race the oldest boy...tearing up your knee in the process. Sweet youth! You look like lovely southern belles in your picture. Great memories and sweet words to honor your sister. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Sally-Ann said...

Great memories, althought rather painful!!!!

Aspiemom said...

I'm glad the dress covered your knee and bandage!

Patricia said...

I always wished I had a sister. But I only have one brother. It is nice to hear you and your sister are close. Thank you for sharing. I had a similar bike accident where I went flying over the handle bars. I still have the gravel scars on my arms.

Lynnette Kraft said...

Isn't it crazy how time flies?

That's wonderful that you and your sister are so close. I love to see and hear about that.

Thanks for joining today. I'm so glad you're feeling better. :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh.....you sweet thing...you brought up so may memories...good and bad. Thanks for sharing and I am so glad you and Di have grown closer....I wish I had that relationship with my sissy but at least we do email occasionally.... I love you baby and miss you terribly....

Linda said...

When I was a kid I was always covered in scabs from bleeding knees. I played baseball with my brother and the neighborhood boys. I remember those awkward accidents,...I had a lot of them.

I am glad it didn't make you miss out on your sissy's wedding. I liked the picture.

It is nice that you sisters are close. Mini-me is a cute nickname. I just lost my older sister in January and I miss her so much. We had so many wonderful times together.

God was so good to give us families!

Thanks for sharing with us.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Holly said...

Ow! That sounds like a painful injury! It sounds like it's a funny memory though, one of those things you never forget :P

Anonymous said...

Great post and glad to hear you are feeling better!!!!