April 22, 2009

My Nephew

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My parents are blessed with 5 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren! Of those 7 children born to me, my sister and my niece, two of them are boys! Yes, only 2!!!

The oldest of those boys, RB, was born on the Ides of March my sophomore year of high school, while we were studying Julius Ceasar!!! I thought that was so cool! It has always made it easy to remember his birthday...even if I do want to forget just how many years have passed since then!

The youngest of those boys is brand new to this world! He turned one week old yesterday! Congratulations to my precious niece on adding to her family!!!

Various circumstances have led to the fact that I haven't really shared much of life with either of these young men. It has sometimes been a hard lesson to learn that what we expect out of life is not what we always get! I would have loved to have had a relationship with RB, my nephew, since day one...but now, I will take what I can get. Realizing it takes both of us to communicate but only one of us to close that door, I pray that this time, I won't be the one to close the door.

So, a couple of years ago RB and a couple of his friends came down to visit with his Mom for a few days. I'm glad he brought along friends because down here, hubs is the only male in the family....and he was busy working that week! I cannot imagine what it must look like when all 5 of us girls are together - laughing, giggling, making high pitched noises!!!! I can imagine even less what it would be like to be an only male in that group!!!

We ate lots of food...'cause that's what you do with family!, played Dance Dance Revolution until we could not breathe, and stayed up way too late! But we had fun! One evening, RB and I decided to go for a drive and see other parts of our fair city that he had not yet visited. We came to an open field that is used for motor biking and mudding on the weekends , across the street from one of mine and Sissy's childhood homes . The field had really deep ruts all around and it leads to a creek bed...where my Sissy and I played as children!

It was just the two of us out in that field...an opportunity for a memory! Even though he was in his young 20's, he was still such a kid at heart out there in the middle of nowhere! He was trying to pretend to be tearing down trees with this little branch that he found on the ground! He was talking of making a fire and fixing up whatever he caught on his hunt that day! He was re-living boyhood moments...with me!

I have been privileged to raise two girls. They have their own fantasies..about princes and dresses and forts made with sheets and pillows. And while I have also been a teacher, I've not spent much actual playtime with boys...I simply don't know how they operate! I saw that night as a memory-making time with the boy that I never had the opportunity to know!

Isn't it neat how God gives us special moments...especially when we aren't looking for them? Redemption for a lost relationship. Redemption at the foot of the cross.

I heard from RB recently. I know he needs prayer. I know God is holding him tightly!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.....

God's girl, Pamela

PS...I love to receive your comments. I would also love to visit your blogs. Miss PD makes it impossible to spend time on the computer so it may take awhile before I actually get to visiting yours. Thank you for your patience! Thank you for visiting!


Sally-Ann said...

Thanks for sharing your memories of time spent with your nephew. I have 6 nephews and only 1 niece. We are 5 years a part in age, so we are more like sisters. Had some great times with her!
I hope that all is well with your nephew

Aspiemom said...

I'm with you, I don't understand boy-play very well. I grew up doing all of the girl things and when my son was little and we played with cars, I wanted to drive the pretend people to parties or shopping or church.

He wanted to smash them together and have car accidents and explosions!

Thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

Pamela, How is God's Girl today?

I could relate to your post. I had three girls and no boys. I don't always know what makes boys tick. But I have had several grandsons and although I don't see them on a daily basis, I have had many happy times watching them play.

I am so glad that God made boys and girls different. We were meant to be a compliment to each other,...and as wives we are his helpmeet, and he is our strength and provider and protector..

Anyway, I am glad that you and your nephew had some alone time and could find a common ground.

God is good!
Linda@ Truthful Tidbits

Tanya said...

Thank you for sharing your memories with your nephew. :)

Holly said...

I hope you have more opportunities like the one you shared!

Lynnette Kraft said...

I grew up with 2 sisters and it took me a while to understand boys - once I was married and had a son. :) They are wonderful though.

I'm so glad you are able to have a relationship with your nephew. God seems to give us many opportunities to 'try again' doesn't he?

Thanks for sharing.