August 9, 2009

Summer is already over??? Seriously???

Ah, yes, Bunny is back in summer band so technically, summer is over! This makes me so very sad!!! Where did my summer go???

Well, let's see....During the first three weeks, Bunny was baby-sitting full time and getting into trouble. That meant that I didn't get to sleep in and was emotionally spent from trying to understand why we were back in the same place with attitudes and actions!

Then, the girls went to camp and I had one of the young boys Bunny was watching here at the house along with Miss PD...and at that point, I thought it wasn't easy!

The girls came home and we had just a few weeks before CD left for Colombia so there was finalizing everything for that and Bunny was home with me due to the boys Grandmother taking one month of leave for an injured hand. Bunny was touched at camp and is really working to let God lead her life. It is not always easy - when is it? - but God has become so real in her life! Somewhere in there, July 4 came and went.

Then, the week before leaving for Colombia, CD got sick one evening after VBS. We really thought she had just gotten stressed about some aspect of the trip so Miss PD was here the next day. Then, a couple of days later, the day before CD was to leave, I took care of Miss PD in her home because she had spent the previous night sick...just like CD had been!!! Oops!

Poor CD just kept texting me about the little things she would think of left for the trip...and she was leaving at 6 the next morn so this was our last shopping day! We did get it done, though, by the grace of God!

Unfortunately, the night after CD left, I came down sick and a few days later, dear hubs did as well!!! Only, instead of us being better the next day, we took 4-5 days to get fully well!!! So, Bunny was home with sick parents the whole week that she should have been having fun being the 'only child'!!! And, if you've been counting, (hahahahahaha!) my sweet hubs got sick the day after his birthday!!!

The next week, Bunny went back to work, CD went back to work and it was kind of nice to be home during the day with just Miss PD. Last weekend, hubs and I were blessed to have a date night! It was really nice to enjoy a pleasant, good dinner (Esteban's is now a pretty top fave!) and a nice evening stroll around our Town Center.

I knew we would need the date, because come Monday morn, Bunny was back at school for summer band and I have both of the boys that she has babysat this summer!!! Three kids in the house...two of them being boys!...has definitely been different!

So, all of a sudden, school actually begins in two weeks and I have another week ahead of three children in the house! I also have a band fitting this week and a meeting for our coffee bar volunteers from church!

I know God's timing has been perfect, we need the extra money to pay for band! God has been gracious in allowing us to open our home to children who need love and Him in their lives!

Also, while Miss PD has been taking steps for a few weeks, this past week, she actually begin walking around the house a bit!!!!!!! This is exciting news! She has come so far and I know that she is beginning to be a sponge and soak up so much of the environment around her!

Now, that is why there has not been much blogging these past few months!!! I tried for a while but realized that my family was missing a big part of me when I was on the computer for too long!

I have missed keeping up with so many of you and hope that in the weeks ahead, life will slow down and I hope to spend more time with y'all!!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela

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