November 11, 2008

And the winner is....

4 Timestamp: 2008-11-12 03:04:38 UTC
Which is Rose from MI! I HAD to do the random generator because I wanted you all to win!!! I had a lot of fun giving these away and Rose, I hope you let everyone know if you like the notecards once they get to you!

My e-mail address is so send me your physical address and I will get them to you soon. Congratulations Rose!

And on another note, Miss PD is back!!! It's pretty sporadic right now as her Mom is deciding WHICH job to take!!! Isn't our God awesome! She was here yesterday and not really happy about it...she has only been here once since August so I really wasn't surprised! Then today she was happy and giggly and seemed so much more relaxed! The dogs are not happy! Our puppy stayed up on our far away from the baby as possible! DD1's puppy would stay in the living room with us but was not exactly thrilled. They were funny to watch this eve...they so wanted their 'spots' on the furniture, even when we were sitting there!

That is all I have for now. I really appreciate each of you - I have made some really cool friends doing this blog, that I would not know in 'real' life!

I pray that the rest of the week will be such a blessing for your life!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela


Anonymous said...

oooooooh a present for me!!
I'm so stinking excited!!

Anonymous said...

OH my!! Pamela, thank you for the wonderful cards and what a thoughtful note to me!!
These are absolutely beautiful; I'm not sure I want to send them!

Thank you!