November 3, 2008

I'm still learning

Yes, I am growing in His grace! Yesterday I washed my hair before church, put just a touch of product on hide the frizzies!, combed it out and went out the door! That was it...oh, and makeup, too! But the hair thing...I was so blessed when one of the senior saints told me she has always liked my hair. She said the curls are so pretty and she thinks Jesus has the same color hair as mine! She never knew the curl was natural, she thought I worked for this!!! Oh, isn't it amazing how God just touches our lives through such interesting ways???

I know this is such a place of grace, learning deep down that my Heavenly Father created every part of me, even the parts I may not like! I am so thankful for His love and that He is mindful of me (that's from Psalms, y'all!).

Thank you once again for your prayers for Melanie. And thank you for praying for me! This is such an exciting road to walk together in our Lord!

Y'all have a terrific Monday and week ahead!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...

God's girl, Pamela


fivemjs said...

I am totally with you on the frizzies. UGH. Can't live with them....but unfortuantely....we have to. Ahh to have straight hair. =)

Tiffany Stuart said...

Grace: a word and name dear to my heart.

Glad someone spoke sweet words over you!

Anonymous said...

i'm jealous of curls! :) glad someone showed you love!