November 21, 2008

Random murmurings

So, Marianne has tagged me to do a 'me' blog. I am going to think for a while on that one but I promise I will get one up eventually! Marianne was DD1's 5th grade science and history teacher before she was a Mom! It was fun to read her post and get to 'know' her in a bit more detail. Y'all feel free to jump over and meet her, too. She is an awesome woman of faith and truly loves God with all she has!

I read an interesting post this morning on Rocks in my Dryer about the MotherLetter project. This sounds too neat to pass up. Not sure that my letter this year will be very encouraging for a young Mom with small children, but I do have some Mom wisdom to share! And yes, I will try to do my best to encourage!!!

Can you take a moment out of your busy days and write a letter as well? I am sure this Mom will be overwhelmed with emotion to receive such a precious gift from her man! I know I would be!!! And I know it's not my dear hubs 'cause we've never been to Africa! (you will have to read the history of the blog to see what that has to do with anything!)

I am more excited for Thanksgiving than I have been in a few years - we go pick up Casey on Wednesday and get to have her as our guest! I am so looking forward to that. I know it will be a noisy ride from East Texas to Oak Cliff but it will be so worth it! When we were taking her to school, I just about cricked my neck trying to be part of their conversation so this time, I think I might just have to sit in the back and let hubs drive alone! I love being around young ladies! They are so vibrant and beautiful and Casey and my DD1 share such a love for God that it is absolutely infectious!

Well, I think I have murmured enough! I pray that your holiday week will be blessed and that you will bless those around you....okay, so that prayer is for me! I am really spending time in prayer asking God to make me part of the solution and not the problem! Of course, it probably starts by closing my mouth more often!!!!

If you get a day to sleep in, don't feel guilty...JUST DO IT!!! I will hopefully find a day or two to do just that!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela


fivemjs said...

Was I really something before I was a mom? I serioulsy have trouble remembering ANYTHING before children.

Susan said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog to let me know that you're praying for me and my family. This morning was tough, but I simply asked God to keep me from believing Satan's lies that come into my head after a "discussion" with my husband. I know now that God has everything under control, and everything will be taken care of in his time.

I don't share those things that are in the deepest part of my heart, for they hurt so much, and some people couldn't even believe what I go through some days if I did share more. Like I said at Lysa's blog, I just trust God and hang on!

Thanks again!

In Him,


PS--it's so good to hear that someone else feeds their kids chocolate and biscuits! But Jean Anderson, who spent four years researching her Love Affair with Southern Cooking book, had not heard of it! It was fun writing a famous award-winning cookbook author and getting her interested in something that I thought was a back-woods kind of thing! Now I know I'm wrong!