November 27, 2008

Short and Sweet, I hope!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEKEND!!! Since I am posting this late and some of us have already had 3 rounds of family, fellowship and food, I'll just wish you a happy weekend! Yes, I said 3 rounds; my sister and her significant other and my precious niece last night, my MIL's side of the family and then my FIL's side of the family. My parents are in Tenn so a very special shout out to them - I love you, Mom, Daddy and my own personal sunshine!!!

Well, I did something fun yesterday! I went unannounced and met Makenna and oh, my goodness is she a sweetheart!! I felt bad enough going over unannounced - I know, HOW RUDE! - but then Miss PD was with us and she decided to scream the whole time we were trying to visit! Thank you, Gallagher family for putting up with us for a few minutes. Your hospitality is awesome!!!

I also wanted to let you know, if you have not been continuing to follow Melanie through CarePages that God is doing great things in her life! She has recently had the trach removed and went on a field trip! I know the family and those of us praying for her are very thankful for how far God has brought her in such a relatively short amount of time!

In answer to something that Angie at Bring the Rain challenged, I am going to say, "Thank you, Father God, for the financial struggle of the last several months. You have taught us in such a personal way that You are truly our Jehovah Jireh, our Provider and we have been blessed! Thank you, Lord for continuing to prove yourself faithful, even (and sometimes especially!) when we fail to be so. I love you, Lord!"

Okay, I said this would be short so I will close. Y'all are awesome and I pray that your weekend will continue to be blessed and full of thanksgiving!

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela

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