November 17, 2008

Pray for our Nation

I have a friend that I have known for years that has written some pretty concise explanations for why we should be in deep, intercessory prayer for our nation at this time. She is a lovely African American woman; she has raised four children as a single Mom, and they each serve the Lord in a tremendous capacity. Her youngest son even works on Wall Street! I have utmost respect for this lady. In some ways, she has been a spiritual mentor to me. I am thankful to still be able to keep in touch with her, even though we no longer attend the same church.

I pray that you will be blessed by this writing. For me, it puts a face on a vote...a voice. I know that God is calling each of us to stand and I pray that we will continue to lift up this great nation of ours into His hands!

From my friend, Dorothy:

In the wake of so many emails about how to pray and how to even encourage ourselves, I thought I would communicate clearly how I stand.

1. I am a Christian. I am a 62 year old African American, dark skinned woman born of parents who could trace their ancestry back to slavery. My great grandmother was “mulatto”. My father’s side also had obvious Indian blood. My mother’s features were very Negroid, with a large nose, nappy hair and a tendency to be overweight. My parents and siblings lived in Beaumont, Texas. A suburb of Beaumont is Vidor, Texas the home of an active KKK group. It is also very close to the Louisiana border.

2. The history that I listed in #1 IMPLIES several things. It implies that I have experienced both overt and covert bigotry. It means that I can tell story after story of people who have judged me on the basis of my color and not the content of my character or Christian faith. It implies that my own race has exhibited some prejudice because of my dark skin. Many from Beaumont were and are light skinned. The prejudice against dark skinned blacks can be brutal also. It implies that I listed my faith first for a reason. It drives me to forgive, even when memories flood my conscience mind of promotions lost, doors of opportunities shut, and my children hurt because of their African American heritage.

3. I am hurt by much of what I have seen come out of the church following the election of President elect Obama. And yes. I know of his history with abortion choice. I know of his history with the Fairness doctrine. I know of his election tactics. I know of the support from the homosexual community.


I charge God almighty with the results of this election. Either it is His will or we have been deceived.

We prayed. Many fasted. He said in His word that we could and should ask. He said that we should pray in agreement so we agreed. We knew the battle would be tough, so we fasted. We asked for forgiveness of everything that could possibly hinder the outcome. When we could not think of things we prayed in tongues to make sure we had the will of the Father.

But President Obama was elected.

At some point we have to ask why?

I believe that his election demonstrates our own weaknesses in ways we would have never known otherwise. The church is divided and crippled. We are blind and refuse to see. We accuse each other falsely and cover the deceit in our hearts with niceties and smiles. We are prejudiced and filled with hate that is covered up with religion. Instead of walking through the darkness and trusting in God to hold our hand, we grope for ways to open our own eyes and to make our own way. We truly are not God conscience in the wake of the election. The church is truly sick. We blame black people for the results of the election but cannot examine the election results methodically and objectively. President elect Obama would NOT have won even if every black person voted for him and ALL white, Hispanic or Indian voted for Senator McCain. President Elect Obama won because many young people of ALL races voted for him. Many first time voters voted for him. Many liberal whites voted for him. Many blacks, both conservative and liberal, voted for hm.

And I voted and worked very hard for Senator McCain.

But the church is not the Republican Party and the Republican Party is not the church. We all sought to hear what the Spirit of the Lord was telling us. But I believe it is possible to seek godly answers only to discover that God was more interested in our attitude AFTER He answers. We should have learned that over the last 8 years. Many stood silent while we in the Republican Party AND church let our country go in an ungodly direction under a Republican President. And I am not talking about the war or the war prisoners. We stood silent and did not apprise ourselves of the activities with abortions and homosexual marriage. We didn’t stain our own lives with the political dirtiness that was happening in the Republican Party. We let scandals erupt and the church did not pressure leaders to act differently. We had political capital that we did not use properly. And yes, there were a number of things that were happening with Democrats, but we had much more to lose. And we lost much. We’ve lost influence and power.

Those who have INFLUENCE should not be demonized. T.D. Jakes is not a demon if he believes in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and that He died, rose and is coming again. But He is not the church. He is part of the body of Christ which we would be better off honoring, respecting and trying to pray for and influence for the glory of God. Has anyone of influence shown Pastor Jakes pictures of babies in the womb, ultrasounds, etc? Perhaps even as a leader, he is ignorant of this issue. Perhaps others will arise who can influence President Obama. We must pray that God will send such Godly advisors.

We absolutely MUST pray that God would show us what is in our own heart FIRST and then and only then speak of the election. We must ask God how we can reach the generations for Christ. Many of our own households are rejecting our values and that is the greatest lesson from this election. As a result of the election, we may suffer. We may be persecuted. But I would gladly go through persecution WITH my children if I could somehow teach them of the reality of a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. With the saving knowledge of Jesus abortions would cease because there would not be the demand, (and it wouldn’t be because of legislation). Homosexuals would be convicted to make OTHER choices because the Lord Himself would be manifested in their lives. If they see Jesus truly demonstrated in me (AND us) then the greatest victory would have been achieved: the salvation of the generations. That is my prayer: that God would save our children and grandchildren of all races. If He does that, then my soul is comforted.

So, I pray most for the church. I will not pray that the election results be overturned. I will pray that God would lead this country and that the body of Christ will be strong, strong. Strong, strong is an Ibo term which implies that it is an over abundance of strength to meet the challenges ahead. We will need it.

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela


Anonymous said...

I loved your blog..... I voted for Obama and I understand why many Christians would not. But I believe that there is more to being the President than abortion issues. Please look at what Bish has done with this country. I am discouraged with voting for leadership over one issue. I say this because when I voted for pro life Presidents, it didn't decrease not one abortion... I understand over time we 'might" get enough judges on teh supreme courtto overthrow the verdict. But in the state the country is in, we might not survive to "over time" without changes in how we are being led.

I understand if you do not agree. I just admire the spirit in which you debated it. Thanks for being a real Christian.

I respect T. D. Jakes and I admire him on many issues. He didn't endorse Obama though he did congratualte him. I see nothing wrong with that but somme do and I respect their right to disgaree. I think the Repubs are using the church the way the Dems have used blacks for years. They incite the church to riot using the same issues as tactics to get votes and then do nothing about the issues you elected them for.... I would love to hear your comments on what I have said. I only write you because you seem to have the heart of Christ. Thanks for allowing my thoughts to be heard. One final thing... God is going to judge us if we don't deal with why the white coverservate church is so loyal to a party ( republicans) who are so lacks in racial or even social issues. They have become mean spirited and people do not want that anymore. They didn't think they needed diversity but the world is diverse and times are changing. The church needs to look at how they handle race issues also across the board both blacks and whites.

Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

I did not write the main body of the above blog. It was written by my friend, Dorothy as noted at the top.
I have a broad world view shaped by being a military wife for 7 1/2 yrs. We served our very first tour in Germany, where we also had a child - in a German hospital. Our last tour was in El Paso, TX, where we had our second child - in an Army training hospital.

When I mentioned being an Army wife to someone, they said something along the lines of, "Oh, you get free health care, huh?" My response....You get what you pay for, and I pay don't get much for it!

Abortion was not the only issue in this election.....leaning towards socialism was and is! I prefer much smaller government and am not happy that even Pres. Bush has given so much of that away.

Unfortunately, I have seen my daughter - she is 18 and voted for the first time - be called names by some at school for her stance for righteousness and that she voted her conscience.
What I personally see is that we should be in prayer for our nation and stand IN LOVE for our fellow Americans. I also see that we should love ALL PEOPLE, from every walk of life...because that is what Christ calls us to do.

This was my first post having anything to do with the election and I wanted to share what Dorothy had said because I do feel we ALL need to step up in prayer and in matter how we voted.

Anonymous said...

It's clear that we all have strong opinions, to varian degrees. I praise God we can talk these ideas out. Pamela, I agree with you whole heartedly. Please view the letter my pastor wrote...

Larissa said...

Lots of food for thought. I'm going to meditate on your blog and what God may be trying to speak to me through it!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Very well said Dorothy!