August 6, 2008

God, could I please see the next page???

WOW!!! We know God is really working, but honestly I'm getting a bit weary and I probably need to ask for encouragement!!!

In June, dh's business lost 2/3 of his monthly hours at his largest contract! We have yet to make up the revenue from that...yes, Lord? As y'all know, I started keeping Miss PD, not to make money but because we love her momma, and now we love her, too! Through the situation of her life (Miss PD) we are supposed to be getting paid from an outside source, but the paperwork has never been filed so our friend is paying us all that she can at the moment-a little more than 1/3 the cost of daycare...yes, Lord? Then, yesterday, Miss PD's momma comes to pick her up and let me know there was a problem at work and her hours are cut back...yes, Lord? I'm going through the band notes this morn, Bunny started practice on Monday, only to find that we need to have money in hand NEXT WEEK for uniform...seriously, yes, LORD?

I know we have walked through similar trials and God has always provided. Our faith, right now, though is being so stretched! Y'all know that moment when the normal household bills are not getting paid on time, then something big is band uniforms??? I am really trying not to stress about this, easier said than done!!! I really was fine until I read those band notes today!

I am so thankful for Bunny's talent...she has played trumpet since 4th grade. I know God desires for her to use this talent so we will keep waiting on Him to provide!

Please understand, I am not asking for anyone's help...only God's!!! However, I really could use your prayers today, warriors! DH does not know about the band fees do you sugar coat that one???

I hope and pray that no one is offended by this post. I really desire to be real here...maybe even transparent? God is truly our portion...our Jehovah Jireh! He is our provider...of jobs, food, protection, security, family...the list goes forever!

I pray that your day will be blessed by our awesome God!!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela

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CaseyMay said...

If there is one thing I have learned and continue to learn about finances and being in need, is that when we truly put God first He always pulls through. (Now my dear Pamela, I am not in anyway saying that you do not put God first) It's a daily surrender. As I sit here and type these very words, I am still in need of over $760 and need it by next week. I have to surrender this multiple times daily, trusting that God will provide (if I do my part)I just need to trust Him. That can be so hard. I'm praying for my dear and please rest in promises of God and in about a week I will see you and you will be blessed for all you are doing in my life and the lives of others!
I love you!