August 12, 2008

Oh, please forgive me!!!

I do need to apologize because I have taken my eyes off of the Provider, a bit! I forgot to read the verse at the top...yes, Lord, my hope is in YOU!!!

Unfortunately, I have spoken out of the frustration that simply comes with life and I pray that you can forgive me! I know we all walk through these valleys...I am not alone because God is right beside me, above me, below me, surrounding me with HIS love and grace!

As DD1 and I have been able to spend time together, I am learning so much from her. We are watching lots of Olympics while Bunny is at summer band and doing lots of talking while DH is 'at work' in his upstairs office. It is kind of nice because not having Miss PD, I can give her my almost full attention!
Anyway, DD1 is truly a Christ follower...she has watched the lessons we have learned and found a way to learn them herself, even at an early age. Last night, we talked about surrender, being fully surrendered to our Lord. She knows this has been hard for us at times and last night she said watching us even falter, that when God asked her to surrender she knew from our example how to do it, but she also knew she did not want to go back to her old way of living!!!
WOW! Why could I not have been that type of 'child'? Um, because God knows our every need, even the future ones! I know that HIS hand is upon our child and that HE loves her so much more than I do! I know that the year ahead does not appear to be 'easy', what in life is?, but that God already has a path picked out just for her. I know that HE has an answer to the job question...not sure what the waiting is for but I know the answer is there!

I also know that Bunny really desires to follow Christ, but friendships that are 'skin on' make the supernatural so hard to see sometimes!(especially as a young teen!!!) I know that HE has a path for her to follow in the year ahead as well. It will not look like anything we have ever done, it will be uniquely for her and HE will be right beside her as she walks in HIS way! I know that HIS thoughts toward her are precious and unending...HE loves her even more than I do!

My precious Lord, I know my family, including the people, finances, job, hobbies, is in YOUR hands! I know you watch over us with an insanely intense love that I simply cannot fully know here on earth. I know that you have good things for us when we follow your commandments. That your promises are perfect, that YOU are holy and I praise you. Thank you for the life YOU have given us to live...the ability to raise two precious daughters in your nurture and admonition, the ability to minister to others by sharing YOUR light. Thank you for the very special love you have nurtured between hubs and I for these nearly twenty years! Thank you, Lord for YOUR daily provision!


God's girl, Pamlea

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