August 15, 2008

Our time with Casey

I will always marvel at God's movement in our lives!

You may have noticed, perhaps even visited, the blog to the right called 'CaseyMay'. DD1 met Casey online two years ago, on a social site called Battlecry. We loved reading about her, and I added her to my list of friends as well. She was such a sweetheart and really had a heart for God.

When she started a blog, we began reading that...keeping up with what God is doing in her young life. She felt God call her to be a missionary and began to diligently seek God for a new direction in her life. She applied to the Honor Academy in Minnesota and began making plans to 'leave home' this month. Then, just a couple of months ago, she learned that the Minnesota campus was closing and if she still desired to be part of HA, she would need to come to the East Texas campus!

Now, we cannot say for sure, because we don't know the big picture just yet, but it seems that the Lord moved some hands for us to become friends two years ago for just such a time as this! We picked her up at the airport yesterday and took her to HA today. It was fun to help her get settled into her temp dorm room! On the way, we stopped by some friends home and had an awesome lunch and visit with their family! They live closer to the campus so Casey has friends, now, really close!

Getting to know her in person has been awesome. Her heart is so on fire for what God would have her to do! She is definitely a seeker and so in love with our Lord! We have had fun as a family. Bunny even spent time last evening chatting with her!

See, another blessing from the Lord! We never know how friendships will form, or when, or why! But God guides our steps...even into the heart of a friend!

God bless you, Miss CaseyMay! You are loved around here!!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela

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Vern said...

That is so neat how your lives have divinely crossed paths...Sweet story!

Great blog...I will be back often.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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