August 9, 2008

1968 - do you remember when???

Hubs and I were born in 1968, along with a good friend from high school and her husband, plus two of hubs cousins! So...we are having a 'get together' this afternoon to my house...which is not really clean enough, yet!!!

With that said, this should be a short post, since I do have things to do around the house! I would say we were almost there, just need to vacuum & mop but the other couples have toddlers and my house is nowhere near babyproof! Miss PD is too little right now for it to matter, thankfully!

Thank you so much for your encouragement the other day. I know God still has His hand on our family and that He IS our provider!

DD1 had an interview with the toy store yesterday! It is quite a drive there but I can see how she would just fit in perfectly at a toy store! At this point, it is in God's hands!

My girls stayed up and watched the Olympic opening ceremonies....I'm sure I will see them in front of the TV more in these next two weeks than I do the computer!!! They love the Olympics, but if ya ask my Momma, I do too. They always excite me, even though I am not an athlete! I love the Cinderella stories of how so many of the athletes got to their spot in the Olympics!
In 1984, I even made a scrapbook from newspaper favorite part was when Torville and Dean ice danced the Bolero! Thankfully now I can watch it any time on YouTube! In 1988, my parents won a trip to Calgary so we do have some Olympic souvenirs...pretty cool for this chick!!!

Okay, I am just rambling now so I will go! Y'all have a terrific Saturday and wonderful week ahead!

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela

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