December 2, 2008

Happy Holydays!

I cannot believe it is already December! And I realized this morn that I have not yet got out the Advent calendar...hmmm, wonder how deep in the closet it has been pushed??? We have some busy weekends ahead so not sure when we will take time to decorate for Christmas...seems to be coming up really fast, though!

Miss PD is back...Mom found a dispatch job pretty close to home so hopefully it will work out for me to have her 5 days/week! She is such a joy!

My Bunny passed me a note on Saturday letting me know in no uncertain terms that we needed to spend time together! How awesome is that??? We went to the fabric store...lots of inspiration but not sure it will go far...then to the Starbucks, of course! She did LOTS of talking! It was so good to share relationship with her again; I sure have missed my girl!

I started reading the Gospels a few months back, and taking time to pore over anything that I wanted to know more about. It has been an interesting journey and I am learning so much about Jesus walk on this earth. I share all this to say, I had a really neat moment this morn when I realized I am starting on Luke! What an awesome place to start in December! But then, our God is the awesome God and the God Most High so why should this surprise me? He cares so deeply for each of us and desires to show us His love in very special ways each day!

Oh yes, Lord, I see Jesus!

What are some ways that Jesus shows Himself in your life? Please share!

My love to each of you and my prayer is that you will see Jesus each and every day during this Holyday season!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela


Anonymous said...

Hi Pamela: I just finished decorating our house. It's beautiful. It's so wonderful to share this season with friends, even cyber ones!

Larissa said...

Right now Jesus comforts me everyday as I "suffer" through the holidays so far from home. Jesus reminded me yeserday the unique experience I get to enjoy but only because I am living in Okinawa. We got together with a group of Japanese ladies to prepare for our craft fair next week and they asked several questions about Christmas and one mentioned that her sister is a Christian. This is a big deal as we are living in a country whose people worship so many different idols and they celebrate the commercial part of our Christmas holiday. Jesus was with us yesterday and comforted me through these ladies!!! Praise God!!

Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

Rose, we haven't even started decorating yet so I'm a bit jealous!! Do you think maybe a Christmas elf would come decorate for me???

Larissa, that is so awesome! To know that you get to share our Jesus with those that don't just 'automatically' know Him...
I truly have no words!!!

Y'all are terrific!!!