December 26, 2008

My favorite Christmas gifts

What an awesome day!!! We hosted Christmas at our house for the first time and that was pretty special itself! But, oh, my girls outdid themselves!!!

First, I have to say my MIL did a great job choosing to buy The Shack for me...even though we have Miss PD today, I have made it through the first 7 chapters! It is starting off as a hard read..since I know someone that has been through a similar situation...but I am to the point where relationship is being explained and it just so fits with all that God has been teaching me in the last few months! Thank you!!!

Now, my girls. They are so precious to me. I have truly loved each stage of life...though some less than others!!! They are now teens and one is officially an adult, but whose counting??? Bunny has been reading some of my recent posts and figured out DD1 means dear daughter one and so signed the back of her gift as Dear Daughter 2!!! I just love that, not sure why but I do!!! She is definitely a dear daughter!!!

Her gift was a poster that she had so many random drawings, quotes and pics on that it will make your head swim. Can you say relational memory??? It is so her and absolutely awesome! I will be laminating it at Mardel so it will last for a VERY long time!

DD1's gift...I cannot possibly explain so I am just going to copy it here for you:

So I wrote this today as my Christmas presnt to my parents. For those who don't know in 8 months I will be moving out of my parents house into my own life. This is a tribute to the eighteen 1/2 years I've spent with them so far (by the time I leave it will be 19) It covers the good and the bad and the road ahead. With God beside us at evey step we've been covered by grace and love and will continue to put our trust in him even as our lives change drastically.

Eighteen point five years
And through it all have been many tears.
Times of laughter and pranks
And watching us move up in education ranks
Falling down and scraping a knee
Swimming out into the deep blue sea
With jokes at the table
We knew we were able
To make memories last
And not fade very fast.

Oh but we’ve had our troubles too
But God’s always put us through
The death of family and loving pets
Struggles to stay or get out of debt
Illnesses lasting days or weeks
And tears as children called me names worse than geeks
Falling into and breaking addictions,
Caused us all much internal affliction.

Through it all we’re a family
We all go together on one of those trees
But our time is drawing to a close
In a few months I’ll go where God’s wind blows
There have been times I’ve felt like hating you
And times I thought you hated me too
I know there are times I’ve hurt you; and you me
But I’m also sure that we often fill each other with glee
In a short time I’ll start my own story
And I’ll get to bloom like a beautiful morning glory.

Yes, we shed some tears over that one. She chose to read the poem to us Christmas morn and they passed me the box of tissues before she began! Oh, do my girls know their Momma or what???

This is a really strange place to be...knowing that your daughter is somewhat of an adult and yet still seeing her as such a child! I have had the privilege of watching her grow in the Lord so much in the last few months and know that He will take her to places that I can't even imagine...that He loves her so much more than I ever can!

Now, I am adding to the randomness of this post but...tomorrow is mine and dear hubs 20th anniversary. He does not read my blog so I can pretty well say anything that I want to about him but I desire to honor him, the way God wants me to.

Twenty years ago, you could have never convinced me that I would ever feel unloved by this man. Twenty years ago, you could have never convinced me we would only have daughters. Twenty years ago, you could never have convinced me that he would be anything other than a fine, upstanding, Christian husband! Some of you know exactly what I mean!!!

However, in the past twenty years I have learned....

That God loves me, even when my husband can't.
That my precious hubs carries a lot of emotional pain...and sometimes shuts out the rest of the world, including me!
That daughters are the most precious resource available!!! (my opinion, leave me be!!!)
That sometimes, life isn't fair...but God is always there.
That deep down inside, my dear man always loves me...hard concept for me!
That after 20 yrs, I can love him more, deeper, sweeter than I did on our wedding day!

I love my dear hubs because....he is always looking out for me. Sometimes, my independent spirit fights against this but it is still true!
I love my dear hubs because....he is a treasure...buried deep inside an absolutely gorgeous earthen vessel. (my opinion, leave me be!!!)
I love my dear hubs because....he has made an unbelievable commitment to stay by my side.

Simply stated...I love my dear hubs! He is the most awesome man I know!!! I am so thankful that God brought us together all those years ago and that He has never left our side!

Thank you for listening....hope your holiday was all that you desired!

Praise God from whom all blessings dear daughters and a precious husband!!!

God's girl, Pamela

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Spring Fricks said...

Oh that was beautiful. Happy late anniversary! 20 years is awesome.

What a beautiful poem. You have amazing daughters. I don't know how I'll feel when my kids are ready to move out. I'm not looking forward to that day. But, you have an awesome relationship with your daughters and that is something to be cherished!