July 1, 2008

I guess summer is here!

Okay, so I complained about not having a summer....and someone was listening! Now that "summer" has begun, I can't seem to get the rest of these guys moving to get to the gym in the morning! They want to sleep until oh, late morning!!! Of course, the dog won't let me do that!
And now, I have this summer cold thing! I had a migraine with it for a few days, took some NyQuil last night, got a GOOD night's sleep, and the headache is gone this morn - Yahoo!!!! I started losing my voice last night, which would not normally bug my family, but since Nashville Star was on...I just had to sing along!!! I'm not sure it was even a joyful noise!!! But when Shawn Mayer started singing Forever and Ever, Amen, I mean, that was OUR song, I couldn't help but TRY to sing as loud as possible so that hubs could hear my enduring love even at the grill - outside!!! That was when the girls LOST IT with me!!!
Well, maybe next time they won't think my singing is so bad!!!

For those of you that personally know us, we start the babysitting next week, IF all continues to go well in social services world! I talked with the adopting Mom on Sunday and we are praying that the baby comes Thursday evening which would give some bonding time for the new adoptive family. Then on Monday, we will have her during the day!!! Please pray with us that all will go well. We know God's hand has been upon this precious life since day one and that His will precedes all that our human minds can think up, so He is watching out for her best interest!

So, my new 'job' starts Monday morn and dear daughter one (DD1) has a job interview this afternoon at a Christian book store! She is excited, as this will be her first actual interview. Her two previous summer jobs have been with people we knew so they skipped this process!
By the way, we had her 18th birthday party Friday night! We had family and close friends over for sandwiches, chips, cake and cinnamon rolls!!! Most everyone left, though, before the actual party started...late in the game the girls decided to play "Taboo" instead of just settling for girl chat! It was a hoot, especially when we realized the copyright on our game is 1989!!! No wonder the younger ladies kept asking "What is ..."!!! Words like Glasnost and Citizen Kane and Compact Disc!!! I didn't know the latest slang for police until my dd1 used it that night!!! One of the young ladies started off nearly every clue by saying, "It was in a movie..." We laughed so much at them!!!

Meanwhile, Friday afternoon my niece called and asked if one of the girls wanted to go shopping with her...of course 'Bunny' would love to!!! So the two of them got some much needed visiting time in! Today, we are spending time with a friend of hers from school and hopefully, if time permits, going to see a movie!

Hope your day and the week ahead is blessed!! Do y'all have plans for seeing fireworks this weekend? If so, leave me a comment, I want to know where you are headed!!! I might just join ya!!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...

God's girl, Pamela


Anonymous said...

Pam-what a busy weekend. Congrats all around. I hope you're feeling better. I too am suffering with the UNSUFFERable; some sort of head allergy thingy. It's just yucky.
I'm jealous of you. I miss holding babies and smelling their hair. Of course we have a baby staying at the mission with us where I work. I do get to cuddle them. Anywho, tell DD1 I hope she lands the job. Sounds so fun and good for her!
You have a great week, dear.


Anonymous said...

Join me in Panama City for fireworks on the water! Followed by an attempt at sparklers and pop rocks. Oh, and tell dd1 I'm sorry I missed her birthday.