July 31, 2008

We raise them to be independent, right???

Yes, I'm talking about our teenagers! I love mine! I think more than they know!
Both of mine are going through the 'my parents don't know how I feel' stage...isn't this why I had them three years apart, so we could be through with one before the other began??? Oh well, God chose NOW for both of them to walk this road...guess we have to tag along, huh?

Thankfully, they both have awesome accountability partners through church...and I get along with them. Camp was "ah-mA-zing" for this time in their lives. (that is DD1's favorite word!!!) Thankfully, they get along with each other!

Case in point: Bunny went to spend the night with band friends last night, and they both go to a sleepover tonight at friends from church so we will be light on the children until the weekend. Well, I let the bathroom slip before camp, too much packing going on, but it was getting nasty in there!!! So, before we split ways yesterday I laid down the law that it get clean. They pretty evenly split the chores to do the job and I was down holding PD while she slept, but could here them talking and playing while cleaning the bathroom!!! That is the most awesome sound this Momma can hear!!!

I will have to admit, I have always been blessed in this area! No, we don't clean house very often (oops, did I say that???) but when they are given a together chore, they make the best of it!!!

I know this post is pretty well about my girls but they are just so precious!!! I know they are tired of Mom loving on them all the time, they want air to breathe!!! I know they don't understand all of Dad's rules, but if they could just see how a little obedience goes a long way!(I think you have to be a parent to start that process, huh?) I know that God has their hearts, and that makes me so proud of who they are!!! All these things are in His time and He will not forsake any of us through this!

I hope no one sees this as a complaint; I know each teen walks through these waters. This is my place to put down my feelings, and that is exactly what I have done today!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to my Momma in Tennessee! (it was yesterday!)
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Callaway, FL! I pray your day will be blessed by GOD!

Gotta run, PD will be here soon. If you get a chance today, July 31, I understand Oprah will run a segment on the TerKeurst family and friends and their adoption of a boy's choir.

Have a terrific day!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....especially teenagers!

God's girl, Pamela

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