July 11, 2008

Where I saw myself at 40

Well, I can sure tell you, this is not it!!! PD is absolutely precious and we have all fallen head over heels in love with her, but to have a wee one at this age is not what I expected!!!
We took Bunny to meet some friends at the mall today so DD1 and PD went with me to a cute little boutique called "Butterflies and Bowties"...they have really cute stuff! However, we did not last 20 min before PD was crying and fussing and shopping was no longer worth it!

And forget my baking for a while! I got a batch of no-bake cookies made today but can't see whipping up a Buttermilk Pie or Something Else until she is a bit older and on more of a schedule!!!

I did make two cards today, though. One for a church anniversary, one for a friend's baby who will soon turn 1 - unfortunately they look a lot alike!!! My supplies sat in the middle of the floor in between, so the dogs have walked all over it. The husky mix stepped on the cutter that I had left the wide portion open, so it closed and scared her! She jumped pretty high, and that was funny!!!

PD will be 3mo old on Monday - she is working on lifting up her head, occasionally puts both hands on the bottle and will grasp your finger so tightly! Mom and PD have an appt with a neuro next week because the original diagnosis for her eyes is not good. The dr's she saw this week say she has no tracking ability...but I swear there are times when she does see something! Her favorite thing to do is lay in your lap and look up at the ceiling fan!
Please be praying with us that God will touch her sight, if that is His will.

I am only on the computer now because hubs is at work, Bunny is at the mall and PD is asleep, apparently taking her shopping wore her out....it about did me!!! See, life has changed pretty quickly around here, but we would not trade anything for the way it was last week. God in his graciousness has opened up a door for us to serve a friend in need, and love PD in the process!!! That is just a bonus!

Okay, she is beginning to squirm so I will close! Have a blessed weekend! We will be having our pizza tonight, no idea what movie we will see...has anyone seen Martian Child, is it good or not worth the time?
Really closing now...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pamela:
I saw MartIan Child. It was wonderful. Hope you enjoy it with your little precious and your family. Prayed for her eyes...
In Christ,