July 15, 2008

GOD IS SO GOOD!!!! All the time!

We learned today that the favor of God is greater than the state of Texas!!! There is not much that I can say because it is a very sensitive nature but just know that God has moved in mighty ways here!

I grew up in a Christian home so seeing the favor of the Lord is nothing new. I know you cannot see it but I am struggling to write this out because I want all the glory to go to God and I want to get it right!

Some of you visited my blog around my parents vacation and may have picked up that my little brother is handicapped. I want to share just a bit of my story with you.

DL was born when I was seven and up to that time, I was the baby of the family. At birth, it seemed everything was normal except for a lazy eye. However, by the time he was six weeks old Mom and Dad knew something was not right. Through a lot of trial and error, we learned he had what is called Herschsprungs disease which encompasses a myriad of birth defects. For DL this includes a heart murmur, undeveloped intestinal system and a non-functioning motor nerve. He has had many surgeries over the years, and many drs didn't give much hope for his life. BUT GOD...DL is 32 yrs old, will be 33 in Dec.

Hubs and I married when DL was 13. The toughest part of leaving home was leaving him! One day, shortly before I left, I was writing a letter and DL was sitting at the table with me. He grabbed a pen and began marking on my arm...I was 20! We were sitting at the table fighting like two teenagers with those pens...the pen marks took up our whole arms and took days to remove!

As I look back now, that is one of my fondest memories of that time of life! That DL had the muscle coordination to hold a pen and mark up my arm is just one of the many miracles of his life. In spite of the miracles I have seen in my marriage and my girls, the first major miracle God gave me was DL!!! I have learned through his life that no matter what anyone says, God is in control. I am still learning to not listen extensively to those around me, but to hear exactly what God is saying.

Now, that faith is being used to pray for our little PD. I know the diagnosis is not the greatest but I also know that God is in control!!! I swear, she was looking right at me today!! It was the sweetest thing! I swear she locked in, if only for a few seconds and saw my face! Yesterday, she did it with my sweet hubs, too!!!
I know that my history with DL is one of the things that drew the adoptive Mom to ask us to care for PD and I am so happy to have this opportunity!

I know that all of us have stories of faith! Times when we have seen God move in a mighty, miraculous way. Would you please share yours with me? I love to hear all that God has done and is doing!

I hope your week is awesome and that God performs miracles in your life even now!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela


Anonymous said...

When I first noticed God moving in my life...I was 14 and hated a family member. And I wasn't even sure why at the time. But the Holy Spirit showed me that to love God I had to love others. So I gave my life to the Lord with the simplest confession. "I hate him. Help me!" And oh, what He has done! Suddenly, there were people in my life who helped me understand I was being abused. Suddenly, I met friends who supported me. Soon after that, I received help in ending the abuse. And on to healing and hope and so many other things. But there was no cleverness or derring-do on my part to bring these things about. In fact, I've seemed to undermine progress at almost every step. It's all been God leading me...beside the still waters...in paths of righteousness...through the valley of the shadow of death...to His glory!

And now I know, beyond a doubt, how God orders our lives if we will just let Him.

Anonymous said...

Here is a miracle for you. A devout Catholic man marries a passionate Pentecostal woman. They build a home and have children together. They fight constantly about religion.

Two weeks before their 50th wedding anniversary, the woman says, "Look me in the eye and tell me you believe that Jesus is YOUR PERSONAL Lord and Savior." The man looks at her and repeats it. Then he smiles slowly as the truth sinks in. And from that moment, it changes him deeply for the remaining 14 years they have together. Ladies and gentlemen, meet my grandparents!

Nothing is impossible for our God. It is never too late for even the most unlikely person to receive salvation.