January 27, 2009

25 Random Things

I have been tagged on Facebook so thought I would just go ahead and put this up here as well....kill those two birds with one stone, you may say!

1.I am still learning to lean on the arms of Jesus. Pretty sure this will be a lifelong process!
2.I count it a privilege to be my dear hubs wife.
3. I have loved every bit of being a Mom!
4.I love chocolate...I'm a true chocoholic!
5.I used to like picante sauce on everything...until I had baby #2, now I'm all about the sweet!!!
6.In my lifetime, I have lived in over 30 houses. I lived mostly in the country until I got married! Now, I drive through the "country" to breathe!!!
7.I had my first baby in a German hospital. I did love my midwife there, though!
8.I had my second baby in a military training hospital....vast difference between the two!
9.I delivered both sans epidural....not by choice!!!
10.I look more like my Mom's side of the family.
11.I married a true Texan...born here, raised here.
12.I love mountains...especially the Smokies!
13.I am a bit of an extrovert....depends on the situation!
14.I love to read.
15.I love to watch pro football!!! Go Cards!!!
16.I 'love' too many things!!!
17.I make greeting cards...I like to encourage people in their daily walk!
18.I have a friend that used to work for a high-end coffee place and she would give me a pound of coffee every so often, so now I am pretty much a coffee snob!
19.I love working with babies and early childhood education.
20.I am a messy!!!
21.I got married when I was 20 and have been married for 20 yrs!
22.I love my house! It is perfect for my family!
23.I am a romantic! Hopelessly!
24.I have to eat breakfast...otherwise, well you don't want to know.
25.I am a middle child and I'm from Tennessee...that should explain it all!!!

Y'all have fun! Stay warm and careful on the slick roads.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela

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TuTu's Bliss said...

I'm a recovering hopeless romantic ;) I've been revising romance to fit the new plot twist. I hadn't written in the REALITY of children and marriage in the original version! ;)