January 17, 2009


I know the movie came out 14 yrs ago, but at the time I had two small children and was fighting so hard for my marriage so it went unseen....until yesterday. There are lots of movies that fall into that category and I am trying to 'catch up' on the ones I really wanted to see, so I watched Nell yesterday. And cried!

I'm not a huge fan of Jody Foster, in other words, I enjoy some of her works but am not blown away by her work or her character. However, in this movie, she did an awesome job of acting! I do like Liam Neeson, though, and his performance would have been worth the price of admission!

Some of y'all that are regulars on here know that God has taught me so much about His love in the past few months and this movie was just a continuation. Neeson's character, Jerry, learns by observation to love Nell, played by Jody Foster, in a way that he has never known love. His motivation becomes a driving need to protect Nell from the 'evil' of a hospital or asylum and from the eyes of the press.

If you have never seen the movie, or don't exactly remember it, I suggest you find a way to watch it again. I know there are websites that have free downloads of many movies...my kids know which ones they are - not me! It is a drama and only needs a kleenex or two but is definitely worth the watch!

On a different note, thank you so much for reaching out to Micah and his 100 day project. He even has a Facebook page now, Send One Dollar event! Can you imagine how the man in the van will be blessed...and it will continue because there appears to already be more than $100!!! Isn't that awesome??? Isn't God awesome!!!!

Okay, Miss PD is asleep, DD1 will be home in about an hour and dear hubs and Bunny have gone out for a date so that means that I am pretty much alone!!! Of course, this also means that I could actually get something done around the house and I think I better get off here and be the SAHM I say I am!!!!

Love y'all and am praying for you!!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela


Anonymous said...

I remember that movie! I love movies that make me cry and FEEEL! I really love the family type ones the most, especially about any prodigal child.
I've been a prodigal.

Karabeth said...

I left an award for you over at my blog. I tried to see if you already have it, but only you know for sure.

Thanks for stopping by yesterday. Please read my comment in the paragraph I wrote about you.