January 5, 2009

Good Monday Morning....

I hope your new year is starting off well! Did you make a resolution and are still there? Then congratulations....you've done better than me, you at least made a resolution!!!

Well, it is official - we are changing churches. We said our goodbyes yesterday at the church we have attended for 12 yrs. This is where we were married and our girls were dedicated and I thought for that reason, it would be hard to say goodbye. However, I cannot put a finger on the emotion I felt. It wasn't sadness, it wasn't happiness...I was a bit agitated. I know that I really like the 'new' church and I wanted to attend there yesterday morn, but knew that we really should give the girls some closure...I mean, they have grown up in this church. DD1 was just turning 6 when we moved back to Dallas and Bunny was only 2 1/2. This is the only church Bunny has ever known being a part of.

When we got home and I began getting dinner ready, the tears began to flow. Mainly because I just don't understand so many things surrounding this part of our lives. It is not a lack of peace, I have that, it is simply agitation...does that make any sense???

Please pray that God would shine His light on any hidden areas of my heart in dealing with this life change. I so desire to follow His way and not my own.

Okay, enough 'down' time...this is a good Monday morning! It is cold and rainy outside...could even have some wintry mix later on in the morn. It was 80 degrees on Saturday!!! Texas weather will make you think you are losing your mind!!!

Have you noticed a new sidebar on here? Well, Lynnette has invited me to join her on a memory walk....Wednesday's Walk down memory lane. I hope you can find time to pop over on Wednesday and share some memories with other bloggers. I already know what memory I am going to blog about....figured it out last night while talking on the phone with my Daddy.
I will tell you this: it involves pine cones!!! Wow, how intriguing, huh???

It is time to wrap up for this good Monday morning.....

Happy 47th Anniversary to my parents!!! Their example of sticking together has made it easier for me to stick it out in my marriage. I so appreciate that God gave them to me to learn life lessons from! I pray that the year ahead will hold blessings beyond belief for them and my little brother!

I pray that y'alls day is blessed!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...like Monday morning!!!

God's girl, Pamela


Anonymous said...

Oh, Sweetheart,
Listen to the Holy Spirit and he will give you the power to conquer all. I've had to come face to face with some disappointment from my own church family. I think it's Satan's way of ruining our fellowship. He sure is a JERK.

The thing that has helped me is to remember that we are all broken; we live in a broken world. And sometimes it's my fault: I expect too much of people. (Can you believe that?)

Be blessed. You are loved,


Courtney said...

I am so sorry that you had to leave your church. As a child we attended several churches over my years and it took time to find what Rose said. We are all broken in a broken world. I love that! Thanks for the comment on my blog and i hope to see you around again sometime. I will be keeping up with you via Google Reader!

Spring Fricks said...

You know, sometimes God shakes things up in order for the pieces to fall into the right spots. And, what is difficult now will be a blessing in the end. I see you as standing in a storm but you have a rope in your hands and that rope is attached to Jesus. Hold tight to the rope and you will weather the storm and be better for it.

Mary Moss said...

I can't imagine how tough it was to make the decision to change churches I know God is leading you where He wants you to be.

Prayers for your peace.

Anonymous said...

Thank you darling...you are certainly a jewel in our crown!!! Love you, Mom