January 31, 2009

Y'all are so sweet!

Thank you so much for your sweet comments! Many of you have been married for just a few short years...don't worry, we are just getting started, too...and it was just so heartwarming to know what I already knew - we do not walk this road alone!

My congratulations to GrandmaKathleen and Karabeth...they have survived more than 30 yrs with their respective spouses - now that is commitment!!!

I love what Mrs. Mazza said, "...God has the power to use ANYTHING, to get his point across...a burning bush, a talking donkey, or a marriage cross-stich." This was a totally new perspective for me and I love it!!! Yes, He certainly got my attention that there was nothing I could do to salvage our marriage. Only He could do that!

I'm going to wrap it up now...hubs keeps calling while he is driving home from a clients and I can't think, type and talk all at the same time! And since I obviously love him more than y'all....well, gotta run!!! He is planning to take us out to look at stars tonight...how romantic can you get on a Saturday night!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela


Suzanne said...

I too was touched by your last post. After 13 years of marriage and 3 children (11, 8 and 4) my life has had it's shares of ups and downs. I used to blog as CountyMom on "CityMom, CountryMom" blog (you can still go there to see old posts and learn about me), have started a new blog pursuing a music ministry. Would love for you to stop by.

Larissa said...

Hey Girl!!! I had read your last post, too, but didn't have the time to post a comment. You are incredibly honest and God definately uses you and your desire to be transparant to minister to others!! I hope you enjoyed your star-gazing date. My hubs loves to do that, too, and after 15 years of marriage I still love just hanging out with him, - whether I'm under a roof or a sky full of stars!!