February 9, 2009

4:32 a.m.

That is what time it started raining at my house this morn.

Downtown Dallas shot.http://www.wfaa.com/cams/victorystudio/

I am a news junkie...or at least that is what my kids will tell you. However, I only watch news a couple of times a day. And since we don't have cable, I am limited on my choices! But, I do watch the local news mainly for the weather!

This is Texas - you never know what you are gonna get!!!

For the past week, they have been predicting rain would come today. For the past week, I didn't believe them! Last night, though, I listened closely and when Steve McCauley said there would be a 90% coverage, I thought maybe we did have a chance....but I never thought it would start so early!

His little graph showed a moderate chance for rain in our area between 3 and 6 am, and a high chance of rain between 6 and 9 am with the system east of us by noon. So, I'm laying there, awake, at 4:30 this morn when I hear a strong gust of wind...about 40 mph....then hear moisture pelting the window! RAIN!

Our area is considered to be in a moderate drought with a strong possibility of being worse as we get closer to summer. We just had a pretty severe drought in 2005, we don't need another one so soon! That is why it was so nice to hear the rain start to fall - even at 4:30 in the morn.

Thank you, Lord, for your rain to wash the earth. Your rain to water our ground. Your rain to replenish our wells (namely our city water supply!). Thank you, Father for your rain that makes all things new!

They are predicting another round in the morning....more severe with the slight chance of a tornado. I will have to say though, that we have lived in this spot for more than 12 yrs now and only had one true tornado scare...THANK YOU, LORD!!!

Well, my girls are ready to head to school so I must close for now.

I pray y'all have a great Monday! And an even better week ahead.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....like water from above.

God's girl, Pamela

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