February 15, 2009

Praise the LORD!!!!

Instead of doing all the talking today, I'm just going to post the latest from Sean's sister, Tara:

Sweet Friends - WOW - Sean is a MIRACLE. He is breathing on his own and is off all sedation. He is a little slower in his responding to us but THANK YOU JESUS he is responding. He ate a little lunch today and actually got up to go to the bathroom w/some help. They are going to move him to another floor sometime tomorrow. What a journey, it has truly increased our faith to see how God does answer prayers in such a way that we could have never imagined. I'm so indebted to each and every one of you for all the prayers, calls, texts and e-mails you have shown all of my family. We serve a MIGHTY SAVIOUR who is there through all things and shows us LOVE that we can't even understand. My brother Ratty and I were talking about how we have never experienced a miracle in our lives and how amazing it is that we EXPERIENCED this one. Thank you for walking w/us and showering us w/your love and sweet words and of course they yummy snacks. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!! Sean has a long road ahead of him - I will keep you posted on his recovery. Please continue to pray as we are not sure about the swelling and where he is in regards to the therapy he will need. We love all of you. Thank you that we serve a GOD who is MIGHTY TO SAVE - He is there through the good and bad times. I'm so thankful he has been there for all my family during this hard time - we wouldn't be where we are w/out His steadfast arm holding us up.

Much love,

Can I hear a HALLELUJAH!!!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....

God's girl, Pamela


Anonymous said...

praying for sean!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome praise report!! Thanks for sharing the good news!!! I'll look forward to more good news as it rolls in!!! God bless!!!