February 18, 2009

I Love My Sissy....

..and I drink a little but ONLY with her! We both like Irish Cream on occasion...like once every other year or so!!! My memory today is about one of those occasions!

It has been a few years back, since I remember that both of my children were in elementary school! My sister also has a daughter and each of our daughters are three years apart, i.e. now they are 15, 18 and 21. We were over at my Sissy's apt. on a Friday night, watching movies and just being together. Sissy and I had shared one glass of Irish Cream and I had started drinking a Sprite when the party started!

Notice...ONLY ONE GLASS!!! I was not even buzzed...but you will never convince my children!

One of our children came into the living room and did or said something funny! I honestly don't even remember what started the laughter, and my family will tell you that my Sissy and I do start spontaneously laughing for NO REASON!!!

Anyway....I started laughing so hard then tried to reel it all in and take another drink of my Sprite. But, alas, I am so female and once I start laughing it is really hard to stop! So, I took a drink and noticed my Sissy snickering beside me, which wells the laughter back up in me - the one with the mouth FULL of drink! Of course, being such a lady, I tried not to spew all over the living room furniture so I tried to swallow some while making it to the kitchen sink! By the time I got to the sink, though, I was choking so badly! So what came out of my mouth was very disturbing..and I won't go into detail, okay?

My children refer back to this night as the only time they have ever seen their Mother drunk!!! I have told them over and over that for me to have such a clear memory of it means I was sober as all get out!!!

Yes, my Sissy and I do like to laugh and most of the time, we don't need anything alcoholic to start with! Take for instance the memorial service! Once again, not sure what we began laughing at but it must have been funny! It was the two of us and a friend of hers that attended the memorial service together. Her friend could not understand what was so funny and the more we were 'shushed' the harder we laughed! Imagine it: Two 30 somethings dressed to the nines for a memorial service but they keep making VERY rude noises trying to reign in the laughter while no one else is laughing! I'm sure from behind us, it did not look polite or professional!

Our children tell us that if we are in a different room from every one else that they simply cannot tell us apart! They can hear us talking but when the laughter begins, all bets are off as to who is who!

I love my big Sissy because she makes me laugh!!! (even if we don't know why!!!)

I hope you have enjoyed reading about this very special person in my life...be sure to drop by Lynnette's blog to read other memories and maybe even add your own.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow....like my wonderful Sissy!

God's girl, Pamela


Abigail Kraft said...

lol. Siblings are awesome. I have the greatest time hanging out with mine and, yes, laughing like crazy. It seems when fed by the laughter of your siblings, it's unstoppable sometimes! heehee. ^_^

Thanks for the sweet memories!

Becca said...

Such a cute story! Me and my sister are a lot like this. She always brings out the silly side of me!

Tanya said...

Siblings are a blessing, I never had a sister, but I have great memories with my two brothers.

Sally-Ann said...

I enjoyed hearing about your Sissy! When my mother and her younger sister got together, watch out! They would laugh so hard they would wet their pants. As a teenager I found this quite embarrassing! Now I find it hilarious.

Karabeth said...

It's always wonderful to have someone with whom you can laugh! A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.

Lynnette Kraft said...

Okay, I just have to say...I CAN RELATE! I can laugh in the most awkward places (weddings, church, etc). My sisters and I (and my mom) used to have laughing contests and what started off as a fake would end up in hysterical laughter.

Life is so much fun! I'm glad you can enjoy it - even sober! :) (especially sober, right?)

Linda said...

I just lost my sissy. But we had lots of stories where we laughed till we cried over the years. I will keep all of these memories in my heart,..and hopefully they will bring a smile to my lips from time to time.

I could feel the fun that you and your sister have, as I read your story. Thanks for the post!

There's just something about laughing out loud that makes you feel so good! (:>)

Kristin said...

I don't have any siblings. I missed out on alot of fun! I hope my girls are like this though...I hope they are always friends and can always find something to laugh about together!!

Kelly said...

What a sweet story about laughing with your big sis! What a blessing I'm sure you are to one another. I don't have sisters...but I've been blessed with some great sister-like friends. And we can giggle like there's no tomorrow! Thank you so much for sharing your memory...you left me smiling!

Linda said...

Pam, Thank you for the comment on my poem,...Romance..., and yes, you surely may use it!

Linda Hogeland @Truthful Tidbits

pete wilson said...

Great story!