February 4, 2009

Making Memories

I told you we had a family date to go look at the stars, well we did! Go look at the stars, that is. It was a bit chilly standing up on the hill but beautiful! In fact, we have a few memories from that little hill.

You see, in the Dallas area, they have man-made lakes. This particular one was made in the late 60's and I remember going swimming there with my Mom, sister and little brother way back when. (in the 70's!) On one side of the lake, there is also a Baptist encampment and I have been to that a few times as well. But the little hill is closer to our house than either the swimming beach or the camp, and still close enough to the 'country' to be dark enough to see the stars!

The little hill is close to the dam so water can be at all different levels on the other side of the hill from the road...you really never know how much water you will see till you crest the hill. We went and stood on the hill, surveying just how dry the lake was a few years back during a drought. We went back out a few months later, during a heavy spring rain to see just how full it was getting. We've gone there just to look out at the water during the cold months...dreaming of warmer days ahead yet dreading 100 degree days ahead!

So, Friday night, we went to the little hill to look at the stars! Boy, were they sure bright! There were no clouds in the sky and even though I don't know all the names of the star formations, dear hubs is always willing to share his knowledge with the girls...and we could see lots of formations! Venus was also shining very bright near the western horizon and there was a crescent moon just beginning it's descent.

We didn't stay too long, the wind made it really cold standing out in the open and that close to the water...the shore looked to be about 20 ft from where we were standing.(about normal) Just being together, able to laugh at something funny, to be there to help someone down the little hill, to learn all the different formations that are a very small part of His creation. To think that God knows each star by name, and we could only see a few of them!!! Those are the memories I carry away.

All too soon, my children will leave our home and begin to make their own memories. All too soon. I don't ever want to stop making memories together, just adding people to the group....men who love God and are sold out, children learning from their parents and grand-parents.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...family and memories!

God's girl, Pamela

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Lynnette Kraft said...

Oh, that sounds simply wonderful! What a great thing to do together as a family.

Yes, it's times just like those that will come back to you someday and remind you of the love shared amongst you and your husband and children.

I love to hear about times just like that! Thanks for sharing Pamela!


Tanya said...

I do enjoy start gazing. There is something about the watching the start on a clear summer night. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Karabeth said...

We enjoy stargazing so much. It isn't dark enough here to get the full effect, but we can see is absolutely specatular! I'm one of those people who stands out there with a star chart, a flashlight with a piece of red cellophane on it, and no sense of where anything is. :) I still enjoy the beauty and majesty of it all anyway.

Kristin said...

That does sound wonderful....Here in Houston, there's a lot of smog, so sometimes you can't see a lot of stars. On a really clear night, when we can see them, it's always a treat!

Anonymous said...

How sweet you are, my darling baby girl. Yes...all too soon your nest will be empty. I guess I will have always a "nester" but hey...he is such a blessing and a God-send. God is good...all the time. Love you, Mom

Linda said...

My husband always wants to look at the stars,...and he knows their names and positions. All I know is that they are pretty! (:>)

But they do make us both think of our all powerful Heavenly Father,...who holds them all in space!

Thanks for sharing your story. May God bless your family and may these memories you are making together last a lifetime.


Sally-Ann said...

Star watching is such a fun thing to do. My kids and I like to lay on our trampoline and look at the stars

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE how else you came upon the word minutiae...in the span of two days! Thanks for sharing what you learned in your Bible study. So true!!