February 27, 2009

Please continue to pray for Sean

I apologize for my lack of true blogging lately...life has been a bit hectic around here, but I wanted to pass this on.

Here is the latest from his sister, Tara. Sean is in the hospital in Ft. Worth, about 60 miles from us and we have simply not found a way to get over there to see him.

Hey Friends - Just a quick update on Sean. He is still in the hospital but out of ICU - Thank you Lord!! If you were to go and see him your first thought would be he is all good but his mind is just not there. He is in need of therapy but w/out insurance the hospital is having difficulty finding a rehab that will accept him unless he is able to pay it up front. Please pray that something will work out soon as he is ready to get out of the hospital. He is struggling w/anger because he is not able to reason. We do know this is normal for brain injury - he needs therapy. For example my gum smacking was bothering him (nothing new), he didn't know how to ask me to stop but instead got angry about it. We are not at all getting upset w/him because we know that he does not know what he's saying. A couple prayer request - pray for healing in his brain - complete restoration. Of course we think we know what's best and exactly what he needs SO could you please pray that no matter what we keep our eyes on the Lord and know that His perfect plan is already in place. MOST IMPORTANTLY the Lord knows EXACTLY what Sean needs. I continue to be blown away at your text, e-mail, encouragement and most importantly prayer throughout this whole process - THANK YOU from all my family!!!

GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME especially in the things we just don't UNDERSTAND!!

Love - Tara

Please continue to lift up the whole family. Also, please pray that Jehovah Jireh steps in quickly in the case of rehab. Thank you so much.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.....

God's girl, Pamela

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